Welcome to Day 3 of MBAFW lovelies. Instead of heading to the shows, I met up with my new Sydney bestie Jason De Plater, a talented emerging photographer (check out his work here) for brunch and then afterwards we collaborated on some candid shots around Surry Hills. There was a lot of silly face-making, uncoordinated-jumping and funny poses a la Cecylia style, cannot wait to show you the photos soon.

There were so many Melbourne bloggers I’d not seen all week until this afternoon, they all huddled together which made spotting them quite an easy feat- sweet reunions are so precious: Sevan, Sophie, Khoa, Nicole (the 2 fresh-faced kids I caught the early flighthoot with), Lisa and Amanda. Amanda used to be a client at my previous boutique, now she’s an assistant beauty editor at Couturing. Look at us! So young and happy :)




I discovered an eco-friendly jewellery label at Premiere today by Joanna Cave: the London designer whose intricately hand-crafted pieces are made from recycled silver! The delicate silk tassels and soft velvet ribbons add an extra dimension of luxury. I am desperately in love with the headpiece with the blue velvet ribbon. Race-wear anyone?


After expressing my views about fashion bloggers ‘peacocking‘ during fashion week, I was caught red-handed posing for the photographers. Believe it or not (Helen you have to believe me!) I’ve made a conscious effort to dress down this week, hence why I’ve only featured other people’s style photos thus far. Although this all-red outfit is my definition of being ‘dressed down': there are no frills, no prints, and no embellishments, in fact I’m not even going to write wardrobe credits except to say that I’m clutching a butter-soft Constance Roe watersnake-skin bag, but it seems not everyone agreed. Maybe because people don’t normally see this much red in one sitting but cameras couldn’t cease clicking. But hey, even I couldn’t resist a little more rouge. Especially in this baby-grand form of a Merc! I think we were made for each other, don’t you?