DSC01696 DSC01697 Vintage everything (see a similar gold necklace HERE) / YSL heels (more styles available HERE)

I was clearing out my photo folders yesterday when I discovered these shots! Taken back in April during Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week in Sydney, I think by Belle, the designer of the oh-so-chic and eco-friendly bag label Constance Roe. I was in my first trimester and can recall biting my tongue every time I came close to revealing to someone about my baby news. Once again, I didn’t follow any of the traditional rules of pregnancy: I travelled by myself, lifted 15 kg of luggage up flights of stairs and painted Sydney red in tremendous heels

This Chinoiserie top actually belonged to a great-aunt, I’d been waiting for over a decade to wear it. The belt and the bag were vintage souvenirs I bought whilst strolling between shows and blogging in Sydney. Belts are in fact my favourite accessories (ok aside from shoes) so I miss them terribly, it’s going to be about 4 months before I can wear them again. Guess I just scored myself another reason to indulge in more shoes in the meantime :)

Wishing you a wonderful ‘hump’ day :)