Hubby’s Blazer // Vintage Brooch & Chanel Bag // Feathers Pajama Shirt Dress & Pajama Pants // Kors by Michael Kors Shoes Is there a better outfit to transition from the boudoir to the boardroom than this pajama set from Feathers? The shirt dress is actually a knee-length tunic, but undo a few buttons and tie the sides together, and you get this #likeaboss getup! After lamenting about my erratic post schedule and absence on social media (thank you for being so forgiving!), I’ve finally started to devote one day each week to the blog, starting today! Thank God for parents who are peachy keen to babysit! It’s been virtually impossible to concentrate on anything blog-related when Winston is around. My flatlay compositions would get reshuffled by tiny toddler fingers, my attention from piecing together chic outfits would be diverted to texta drawings on the kitchen floor, and I just couldn’t switch from ‘mum-to-blogger-mode’ quick enough to…Continue Reading
Last Sunday on my way to church I dropped my phone. Yes it’s a first world problem, but hear me out. This one ends differently, I promise. I foolishly had my beloved device in my armpit. Don’t ask me why. But I’ll know never to do that again. Yeah, you can guess what happened next. I waved to a friend. Within nano-seconds, my favourite hand-held device took a nose dive. And I heard the noise: the deafening sound of technology face-planting. There lay limp on the cement, my right hand man, my beloved iPhone6, suffered a broken screen. Needless to say, the screen was shattered. And so was my heart. The first thought that came to mind was the monetary wastage that was to ensue. What I experienced next was the 5 stages of grief, condensed into a single breath. I pushed back the tears and swallowed the denial (“It…Continue Reading
Vintage Sunglasses, Brooch, Jumper, Skirt & Bag // Garmin Vivofit2 // Maison Martin Margiela Boots // Invisalign Yes I’m ultra smiley in these photos. Because…my Invisalign treatment thanks to Smile Solutions is going swimmingly! I used to a little self-conscious when I smiled for photos because of my Bugs-Bunny like incisors, but now that they’re almost straight, I no longer have an excuse not to smile! I only have a few months left on the treatment, the year has flown by! My invisible braces still amaze people because they don’t notice it until I spill the beans (or take them out during meal time). I’m going to miss wearing them when the treatment is over. On a side note, I will apologize for my absence from the blog and social media as of late. I’ve been devoting all of my time to work, friends and family, and have neglected this space. I…Continue Reading
Yesterday I baked some blondies for a friend. I have stopped eating sugar for a while so was trying not to succumb to their temptation. But their enticing aroma and chewy appearance were weakening my resolve. “Just one” I told myself resolutely. All for the sake of taste testing to see if my baking experiment had worked. I bit into the white-chocolate-chip-filled centre. I heard angels sing. Like the fire-breathing dragon in The Hobbit, my dormant craving for sugar was awakened, now there was no stopping the beast. That ‘just one’ very quickly turned into 5+. If it weren’t for what was to happen next, I may still be in a sugar coma now. Suddenly, I saw a bright yellow grapefruit sitting in the fruit bowl smiling at me. “Pick me”, she sang, in her goody two shoes tone. I’ve never been a fan of grapefruits but my super healthy mother had accidentally left one…Continue Reading
“What’s the one thing you can get into shape without exercising?” Your eyebrows! Last week I had a life-changing experience: I had my brows threaded at the new Ottoman3 salon in Melbourne Central. Guess I finally plucked up the courage to accept the brow transformation. I’ve never had an affinity for my eyebrows because they’re short and bushy. In the past, many makeup artists have told me to shape them because they are literally face-transforming. But apart from the occasional tweezer application, my brows have been infrequently visited. But my trip to Ottoman3 changed my view and approach to eyebrows dramatically.First the threading. My very experienced eyebrow artist Deepti showed me my brow angles, described the areas she was to sculpt, and then set off to thread! You can view a video of threading [HERE]. I didn’t anticipate the treading process to be so relaxing. Ok, so the tiny cotton ‘scissors’ zooming past my brows did raise my heart rate, but it…Continue Reading
I wore this warm and comfy outfit to watch AntMan yesterday. I must admit, I was dragged to see it, but the movie proved to be much more entertaining and enjoyable than I’d anticipated! I highly recommend it it you like action, comedy, and surprises. Plus, thanks to Evangeline Lilly’s neat little bob, I’m considering getting the chop! Anyway, I digress. What I want to draw your attention to today is not my vintage cableknit jumper or the ripped jeans I bought whilst in transit at Barcelona airpot, but the shades. I got these Versace opaques from Vision Direct, because for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is given away to those in need. I certainly needed the shades today, because by wearing them, they made me more confident to stand in front of a man who tried to cup me with his bare hands. Versace Sunglasses // Invisalign // Vintage Jumper, Scarf & Bag // Mango Jeans (similar pair…Continue Reading