There’s something wonderful about baby’s bath time.  It’s an opportunity to wash away the evidence of a long day of hunting dust bunnies under the couch and dodging discarded baby food.  It is a most forgiving play pen – the only place where splashing is not only permitted, but mandatory, and where being messy is actually an act of cleaning.  It is a warm release on a cold winter’s night and a cool change after a blazing summer’s day.  It is a fond privilege of childhood that is too quickly replaced by its poor, Grinch-like cousin, the 3 minute shower. While bath time may be all of these things, I have come to realise that bath time is precious for one more important reason.  As the harbinger of ‘sleep time’, it signals the end of ‘baby time’ and the start of ‘parent time’! No wonder everyone loves bath time… Bath time is probably Winston’s favourite time…Continue Reading
If you previously associated tea with hot water, scones or bags, you’re about to have your world turned upside down. T2, Australia’s authority on tea, hosted a Summer Edition Tea Festival party at their head quarters last week. The office space was transformed into a sleek tea-bar complete with tea-making, tea-sampling, and tea-reading rooms. Shelves of teas were displayed in protein-powder-esque canisters, each labelled with clinical precision. Sprigs of green foliage appeared sporadically providing the space with the feel of an indoor garden. After all, this is a celebration of tea! Whilst guests munched on mouth-watering Mexican canapés served from Mebourne’s first food truck Taco Truck, T2 blends made their way around the premise cleverly disguised as mocktails and cocktails in mini beakers and bottles. Since it was a scorching day, we were delighted to be greeted by these ice teas. The 2 O’clock Rush – deliciously refreshing Here’s the recipe: 16 Hour cold brew black tea (Monk…Continue Reading
Leonard St Brick Jumper & Manuscript Skirt / Sol Sana Sonny Boots / Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses / Vintage Bag Do you remember how I mused in this post using bricklaying as a metaphor for life, that “to build something great, you have to start with the right foundation”? Well, I’m delighted to tell you 2 things. Firstly, thank God, I’ve been firming up my ‘foundations’! I’ve been taking stock of the bad foundational habits and replacing them with good ones. Being a sleep deprived mom, I used to soldier on by replenishing my energy levels with cakes and chocolate, but now I’ve embraced naps, and a more raw diet. It helps when you get an accountability buddy. Secondly, as you can see, the cute Leonard St Brick jumper also comes in orange! The bricks stand out even more in this version. What about you? Do you have bricks that need mending? Will you join me in firming…Continue Reading
A few weeks ago I received an invitation to attend a High Tea Garden Party at Rippon Lea, courtesy of La Máscara. Before I even opened the invite I was excited. Rippon Lea Estate’s reputation of hosting events is legendary, from birthday parties, corporate events, to weddings. Apparently getting married there is what dreams are made of. But I’d not heard of La Mascara before. Is it a makeup brand? Close, but no. La Máscara is indeed inspired by the beautiful and glamorous masks of the Carnivale festivals of South America and Europe, it is an alcoholic beverage label that includes only premium, natural ingredients. Having just released a range of alcoholic ice teas, named ‘High Tea’, La Mascara couldn’t have picked a better venue or a better day to host the garden party. Along with games of badminton and pétanque, guests were treated to pizzas from the ‘Happy Camper’ food truck, cupcakes from Cupcake Central, and of course,…Continue Reading
Konstrukt Leather Hat (similar styles here) / TOMS Sunglasses / Superdry Top / Vintage Leather Skirt (See similar style here and here) The influence of Jean Paul Gaultier can be seen everywhere. Take this Superdry Breton top for example. The blue and white stripes may have originated from the French navy, and Coco Chanel may have introduced them to the world via her nautical collection, but it was Jean Paul Gaultier who launched them into fame. He has almost become their ambassador by making the Breton stripes synonymous with Parisian chic. Not even these espadrilles could escape the cult status influence of the Breton stripes…
7 years ago today, hubby and I got married. It still feels like it was yesterday. This year was our first anniversary as parents, so we wanted this ‘date night’ to be extra special. Rewind to when we first met, Hubby and I used to spend our free time at uni playing piano for each other. I tried my best to memorize Classical pieces, whilst his fingers glided effortlessly across the keyboard playing jazz. So when we heard about Jazz at the Park, it was music to our ears. On the first Friday night of each month, Park Hyatt Melbourne’s Radii Restaurant ‘comes alive with the sound of (jazz) music’. The ensemble ‘Impromptu’ entertained while we sipped refreshing cocktails and nibbled on gourmet goodies from a Charcuterie style platter. The soulful tunes and the butter soft leather couches brought back memories of when we first met… The Radii Bar was so relaxing I almost didn’t want to move upstairs…but then hubby…Continue Reading