My Cupp Overflows

by cecylia on August 1, 2014


Picture this. You hear the door knock. You rub your eyes, it’s 10 am. Your alarm went off 2 hours ago but your body refuses to let you up. Your newborn is sleeping on top of you even though he’s usually in his own cot, in his own room. What’s going on?

Still in your pajamas, unbrushed hair in your eyes, the previous night flashes before you. Baby had colic. You had no sleep. You rush to the knocking door, and there standing before you a tall, slim, and drop-dead-gorgeous blonde holding a bright big basket of food. “Hello! I’m Victoria from Cupp Australia!”

It was a major case of baby brains and I almost keeled over from embarrassment. But Victoria assures me that as a mother of two, she completely understands. THANK GOD!

We take a seat in the very messy living room. Apparently baby had spewed over the bed so I did the laundry in the middle of the night. Ah, so that’s why the doona is sprawled across the sofa.

Victoria starts explaining the origins of Cupp Australia. Her mother died of ovarian cancer years ago. She was a sweet tooth and didn’t have the greatest diet. Sounds like someone I know… So Victoria started researching. She didn’t want history to repeat itself. What she found was astounding. Her mom’s best friend was actually her worst enemy. Sugar is not as sweet as it seems. Victoria discovered that when we feed ourselves refined sugar, it only leads to destruction as it literally feeds the cancer. On the other hand, feed our bodies real food, super food, paleo food, whatever you like to call it, so long as it’s natural and comes in its rawest form, then the food fills you up, gives you sustained energy, and fights cancer!


We all know the importance of clean eating. But after hearing about Victoria’s mother, I had a wake up call. Literally. Actually, I know quite a number of cancer-survivors. By the grace of God, changed lifestyles and eating habits, these people have remained in remission. There’s something to be said about eating food the way that God intended for us eat. Unprocessed, whole and raw.

Raw, this is how I must have appeared to Victoria. But her message was too precious for me get side-tracked and be embarrassed about my un-made face. Cupp Australia’s mission is to feed people “super foods, super fast”. This is not to be confused with fast food! The ‘super fast’ is because fresh ingredients are used, and whenever vegies and fruit are blended together, the smoothies should be consumed within 10-15 minutes otherwise all the nutrients will be oxidised.


I quickly picked up my green smoothie, “Energise Me”, one sip and I’m hooked. Refreshing, creamy and delicious! This blend is a nutritious concoction of kale, spinach, celery, cucumber and avocado, green apple and grapes. Every smoothie contains our recommended daily intake of 5 vegetables and 2 fruits. I wouldn’t mind waking up to this smoothie every morning!

Next she offers super salads for me to sample. I love the combination of kale and crunch. Plus, I love broccoli and goji berries and now even more so that they’re on the same fork. Victoria introduces me to a box of healthy snack balls made from coconut, chocolate, lemon and. I can’t believe there’s no sugar in them! I finally found my cake replacement.


Photos c/o of Cupp

I can go on about the dried mango, the dark chocolate pop infused with walnuts, almonds and goji berries, and gluten-free brownies, but I’m sure by now you’ve read the entire Cupp menu online, or have placed your order at the Cupp café inside the Manchester Unity Building on Collins St.

I’m really excited. There’s a new way to fight my sugar addiction. With real food, not weak will. I can’t wait to take my loved ones to the Cupp café.


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