Easy Does It

by cecylia on April 16, 2014

A133_005This is my ‘real estate’ outfit. A few weekends ago I went to an auction where the highest bidder actually dressed up to impress everyone that he was the wealthiest there. Can you believe that people would actually fall for that?! He also yawned every time someone put in a bid. But hey, it got him the house in the end.

There’s been a lot of interest in real estate lately. It seems like every second person I speak to is talking to me about the housing market. Recently, I reconnected with a high school friend who I haven’t seen in 12 years. We used to play in the school orchestra , she the cello, and I the French horn. After working as a nurse for 7 years, she swapped her back pain and scrubs for a power suit and a Birkin, and is now selling property. Investors from Canada and China are particularly interested in Australian real estate. It’s a shame, because although I’m Chinese and hubby is Canadian, we are still yet to find our dream home.

I used to worry about it until one day my mom and I were praying, and she said ‘Lord, we know that you will provide. Sorry we are praying about buying a house whilst there are so many people out there in the world that don’t even have a roof over their heads…’ That statement hit home and I stopped worrying. The reason why we want to move to a bigger house is so that we can have our friends over more, take care of our growing family and our parents when they’re old. But a bigger place means more house work and I’m struggling with our existing home already. Plus, I’ve amassed so much clutter it would be humanly impossible to move it all. So instead, I’ve been asking God to help me declutter. And so far, it’s working!

A133_004A133_007 A133_013 A133_010

I don’t know how long it’s going to be before we find our dream home, but I’m happy to wait. Because when the wait is over, I will appreciate it even more. It’s a bit like waiting for your favourite pair of shoes to go on sale. And plus, I’ll have so much less junk to lug to the new place, which I’m hoping to keep in a minimalistic state. Because that’s do-able, with kid(s) and all?

Where: Loitering in front of a really awesome house

Wear: Unreal Fur Vest / Gasparre Cashmere Top / Stella & Minx Silk Pants / Tony Bianco Heels / Vintage Clutch

Photos by Richard Ibrahim

Chinese Translation by Teresa Ruan (Click below to read)






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