On our way back from Real Alcazar, the royal palace, I stumbled across a charming boutique in the heart of Seville. I was still engrossed in the splendour of the palace’s architecture, art and garden grounds. Ringing in my ears was the melodious Baroque style tune played by the Fountain Organ (so bummed that I didn’t get to video it but there’s one on Youtube), one of only four in the world that made splendid music by hydraulic mechanisms. Everything at the Real Alcazar had me in awe. A sweet store with contrasting, bright designs snapped me out of the trance. Trees totally should double as clothes stands! Interesting colour combinations caught my eye: magenta and yellow, blue and white, and the favourite, pink and green. The dresses at Coosy were perfect for cocktail parties and weddings, but they were a bit high maintenance for the sake of this holiday. What made…Continue Reading
My cousin warned me that I’d fall in love with Seville. He was spot on. Amazing weather, culture, food, shopping, sights and sites, the city with ‘not enough eyes to see and heart to admire’ surpassed all my expectations. I woke up every day pinching myself, feeling so privileged to be there. I’d totally move here if I could, and here’s why: The weather is amazing. The sky is perpetually blue. The sun sets at about 9pm, after which the locals come out to eat and play. Although in May, the Mediterranean climate is about 30 degrees Celsius, it didn’t feel that hot. We walked everywhere, even in the hottest part of the afternoon, which brings me to the next point, Everything is within walking distance. Getting around Seville by foot was a great way to see all that this curious city has to offer and it made the pedometer app proud. We stayed in the heart…Continue Reading
S.Wallis blouse and Dress // Vintage Clutch // Chloe Pumps Photos by  Karen Woo, taken at 25 Lynch St Brighton Would you believe that these photos were taken just half an hour after the previous ones with the hail and rain in the background? The clouds quickly made a dash to make way for the sun and the clear azure sky, just like the one I’m gazing up to in Seville right now. What a great reminder that even during the storms of life, we can be sure that they are not permanent, and soon enough clarity and light returns! Talking about clarity and light, one thing I miss dearly about 25 Lynch St Brighton, where these photos were taken, is this pool. Separated from the living space by glass walls, just gazing at its crystal clear waters made me feel an overwhelming sense of serenity. Thanks to time constraints, photoshoots are usually quite stressful but this pool was like a…Continue Reading
Karen Millen Multi Stripe Dress // Vintage Bag // Robert Robert Heels Photos by  Karen Woo, taken at 25 Lynch St Brighton Can you remember how freezing and wet it was last week? All I wanted to do was to curl up in a turtleneck with chocolate by the fireplace. Well, I found just the turtleneck for the job: this limited edition striped wool knit dress from Karen Millen. It’s so soft and effortlessly chic, there are only around 20 in the country! You may be wondering if this is my house, I wish! Thanks to the unpredictable Melbourne weather, I have been seeking more indoor locations to create photos for the blog. Thanks to Hodges Brighton, Karen and I had the opportunity to do a shoot at this stunning property in Brighton. Just when Karen asked me to step down the porch, it started to pour and shortly afterwards, hail. I stayed put whilst…Continue Reading
Hey guys, guess what? Turns out the primary reason I found it difficult to juggle all my commitments last month is due to lack of sleep. I have a little man who doesn’t sleep through the night yet. Waking up 2-4 times every night has become the ‘norm’ for me. According to health experts, we can’t function fully on less than 6 hours of sleep a night. No wonder I struggled! With our lives becoming increasingly busy, fast-paced and hectic, it’s easy to skim on sleep without realizing the detrimental effects. Without enough rest, our health, appearance, habits, emotions and productivity all suffer. So to encourage you (myself included) and your loved ones to rest more, I’ve teamed up with the Park Hyatt Melbourne to create a series of blog posts called “I Rest My Case: R&R at Park Hyatt Melbourne”. Everyone, meet the Ambassador Suite, 165 square meters of pure luxury. Walk in wardrobe, tick. Gas fireplace, tick. Italian marble spa bath, tick. Panoramic views…Continue Reading
Out of all the cities I’ve had the privilege of travelling to, my favourite would have to be Paris. It’s the City of Lights, the Fashion Capital, the most romantic city in the world… Hmm….but then again, it’s also one of the coldest places I’ve ever been to, the home of the snootiest people I’ve ever met, and the only city outside my home town I’ve had food poisoning in. Some of the most embarrassing moments were created there, so maybe it’s not that romantic after all… That’s why I was a little surprised when a dear friend invited us to her wedding in Majorca, Spain. Being a UK resident, she could have chosen anywhere in the world, at least anywhere in Europe, so why Spain? Why Majorca? For those of you who have traveled to Spain (and Majorca), you’ll have to forgive my ignorance as I’ve never been before. From as far…Continue Reading