Etam Coat // Vintage Dress, Sunglasses & Bag / Maison Martin Margiela Boots As you know, the seventies are back in fashion. Again. Actually, I don’t recall it ever losing its allure on fashion, film or music. Guess it’s difficult not to be attracted to the era’s carefree, youthful and glamorous spirit. And it is equally hard to resist A-line skirts, butter soft suedes, long floral dresses and white peasant blouses! They are all so flattering! I’m chuffed to have a few originals from the ’70s in this ensemble: these oversized shades and the knit dress. I bought the rosey frock from a vintage market in Canberra years ago and was informed that the original owner of the dress had it specially made for her daughter’s wedding. However, on the day, she chose a different dress, so this frock remained unworn as a new vintage original! As much as I want…Continue Reading
For the month of April, I’m working full time as a vet, hence why kittens and puppies are on my mind. We are not allowed to photograph client’s pets but thanks to “Little Dogs: A Love Story” (with a brilliant foreword by Tim Blanks), these photogenic pooches are too cute not star in my #onmydesk #flatlays. Plus, my newly business cards have arrived! They’re thick, sleek and subtle alright! Edenborough Evans Knot Ring // Miss Bibi Rose Gold Stiletto Bracelet // Chanel Mademoiselle Perfume // Dior Diorsnow BB Crem // Edenborough Evans Rose Gold Cuff One of my favourite quotes from the book is this “How beautiful it is to do nothing and then to rest afterwards.” – Spanish proverb Sounds like something I ought to adopt! Vintage Shades // Christian Celle Calypso Marine Perfume // Tilka Neckpiece // Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturizer // Luscious Cosmetics Catwalk Eyeliner //NEO Serum // Vintage…Continue Reading
Vintage Everything // Habbot Pumps (worn with vintage shoe clips) What do vegetables, Jesus and this vintage woolen houndstooth cape have in common? Having just experienced another Easter, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reading about the concept of “death into life”.  It can seem like a foreign concept to talk about it that way around, because most people think that life leads into death - but not vice versa.  However, when you think about it, “death into life” happens every day, all around us.  As one article put it, unless the fresh food that we eat dies, it cannot help to sustain our lives.  Even when clothing is made from natural, organic materials, those materials must die to make the fabric, and then we cut up the fabric to give it its new “life” as clothing – which in this case was discarded and then given new life again…Continue Reading
Humility sure is an attractive trait. In this era of selfies, self promotion and self gratification, it’s rare to come across someone so talented and yet so humble. I’ve been in awe of CJ Hendry‘s uber realistic, larger-than-life sketches for some time now. Her story is just as inspiring as her art work. Not satisfied with studying architecture or finance, or working in a Chanel boutique, CJ sold her designer wardrobe on eBay to fund her dream to draw. The proceeds went to the purchase of art supplies. From dressing to drawing. CJ finally found her passion and talent in the niche of ‘photo-realism’. Her art works are larger-than life and require the utmost patience, accuracy and craftsmanship to complete. Masculine motifs such as boxing gloves, R.M.Williams boots, Penfold wine bottles, have attracted a devout class of clients and patrons, including Kanye West who had CJ create a $100 bill…Continue Reading
I’ve always been a ‘less is more’ kinds of person, at least when it comes to hair and makeup. My wardrobe is another story. I get a lot of comments about my hair, the colour and texture. According to hairdressers it’s quite ‘healthy’ even though I only use shampoo and conditioner, and have never dyed it before. Maybe there’s something to be said about being a product minimalist. As you know, despite technological advances, there’s a big movement towards everything natural and organic. We want our air and diets to be clean, our cars and drinks to be green. We are more selective with what we ingest, inhale, administer and wear. Maybe it’s our way to counter-balance the fast-paced, industrialised world we now live in? ‘Organic, ecofriendly and sustainable’ don’t just apply to food and fashion, hair and beauty products are catching on too. We are literally getting back to…Continue Reading
Yesterday I spent an entire afternoon reconnecting with nature at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. I don’t think I’ve ever been surrounded by so many beautiful blooms, well-watered plants and people with exceptionally green thumbs. Can one learn gardening via osmosis? There were hundreds of garden exhibitors to see and a multitude of fantastical creations to appreciate. It wasn’t difficult to clock 10,000 steps as I meandered around the Royal Exhibition Building. One of the highlights of the afternoon was seeing a garden created entirely from edible plants and herbs. Now that’s the kind of backyard I want! Thanks to the stunning floral arrangements and meticulously landscaped gardens, I couldn’t stop snapping away! The exhibition that took my breath away (the most, yes I was practically hyperventilating when I saw it) was the collaboration between Melbourne florists Fleur & Flowers Vasette‘s display of  brilliant orchids. It was the bright blue bunch that…Continue Reading