Time and Place

by cecylia on July 23, 2014


You may have seen me post some Home Inspo photos from Pinterest lately, this is why.

We sold our house!

It was such a miracle, as we never thought about selling. All this time, we have been looking to buy a place to accomodate our growing family and my expanding wardrobe. But one day, a real estate agent came knocking on our door and asked if we would like to sell as they already have an interested buyer. No advertising, no renovations, the house wasn’t even on the market! We tidied it up as best as we could, went out to brunch, and came home to an offer! Apparently the buyers thought our house was ‘homely’. Not a bad synonym for a cluttered house :)

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Pinterest is honestly the best place to learn how to decorate one’s home! I’ve got heaps to learn before we get our new place… any decorating tips guys?

We are still on the hunt for our dream home. These inspiration photos are making me super excited about decking out our future house, even if it is only in my head. Although the market is bleak and at times it seems like we are searching more for a ‘dream-on’ home, we know that God will provide. After all, who else could have orchestrated such an effortless sale of our house? So I can rest assured, for He knows our needs, and He knows the size of my wardrobe.


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