Team Player

by cecylia on July 21, 2014

Fullrez-LULU2794One very early morning last week I had the utmost pleasure of attending the launch of the brand new Lululemon Athletica boutique at Emporium Melbourne. I was the last to arrive but was lucky enough to sit next to Penny Loughnan (nutritionist and founder of Combi) and across from Carrie Bickmore, in a black, stylish wide-brim hat. Talk about a bunch of super inspiring ladies! We marveled at the new bright and bold Lululemon merchandise, had the opportunity to ‘visualise’ our 10 year goals (more on that later), and grazed on a deliciously nourishing breakfast.

Although I was a little sleep-deprived (working long hours and having a nocturnal baby is not a good mix), I wasn’t going to miss out on this event for the world. My only concern was how to get there so early in the morning. As usual, God heard my prayers. A chauffeur company called Black Lane all the way from Germany contacted me the day before and offered me a complimentary ride! What are the odds?! Black Lane is based in all major cities, and have exceptionally friendly and professional drivers. The booking system was a breeze, and the notifications were prompt and informative. I was even given the name and number of my driver before my trip!

It’s not every day you get a Karl Lagerfeld-lookalike as your chauffeur, but then again, it’s not every day I get chauffeured around in a black shiny Merc. Since it was so early in the morning, I was originally hoping to have a wee nap in the back. But my Black Lane chauffeur (Mr Lagerfeld lookalike) was so personable we chatted for the entirety of the trip. We conversed about fitness, food and faith! Turns out that 6 months ago, he started to change his lifestyle. He ate more healthily, cutting out carbs and sugar, started walking and climbing stairs. Aged over 70, he now has more energy than he ever did. There you go, who says that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I so need to take a leaf out of his book… How serendipitous is it that we talked about fitness as we made out way to the ultimate health and fitness destination?

Fullrez-LULU2750Fullrez-LULU2749Fullrez-LULU2743Fullrez-LULU2743Fullrez-LULU2759 Fullrez-LULU2753 Fullrez-LULU2757 Fullrez-LULU2759 Fullrez-LULU2902 Fullrez-LULU2918Photos courtesy of Matt Korinek

Another treat awaited us after brekkie. With our eyes closed, we were invited to visualize our 10 year plan: where we’d be, who we’d be with, what we’d be doing. We had to be as specific as possible! The great thing about having a clear vision is that then you can remove and reject everything that is not in line with your goal, but keep and nurture the things that are. I so need to learn to do this. 

The only thing missing was ‘how’? How are we were going to get there? I guess no one knows the answer to that. Everyone has different destinations and different destinies. We all need to do our best and literally seize opportunities that come our way. As the wise King Solomon once said: “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” Or in some cases, He sends a chauffeur.


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