Vintage Dress, Brooch & Culottes // Country Road Loafers Are you a fan of Daylight Savings? For me, it’s one of the most anticipated times of the year because I love having more sunshine. It’s up there with Christmas, birthday and wedding anniversary. But for many people, Daylight Savings is an annoying ploy to rob people of one hour of precious sleep. Yesterday I heard a great quote at church: “Don’t mourn for the hour lost from Daylight Savings, rejoice for the gained hour of sunshine!” What a great perspective about everything in life! Over the weekend, I had the privilege to take photos for the blog at this stunning property in Gardenvale. It was breathtaking. Boasting soaring skylights, lofty ceilings, imported Italian fittings and bespoke full-length cabinetry, I had a serious dose of house envy. Especially as I lounged in the sun-bathed decked and walled backyard, I had to…Continue Reading
Happy first day of October lovelies! Remember how I said here that I’m finally making progress with finding balance with my health and fitness? Well, here are a few of the changes I’ve been making: 1. Eating more vegetables 2. Prioritizing sleep 3. Walking and Running more, thanks to the help of my Vivofit 2! See that WALL-E-like device on my wrist? That’s the Vivofit 2. It’s an activity tracker that records the wearer’s daily steps, distance covered, kilojoules burnt, and also functions as a watch. It syncs with my Garmin Connect Mobile app so I can keep track of my fitness progress. Whether it’s walking, running or dancing, the Vivofit 2 is a serious prompter! I’ve been wearing my Vivofit 2 for over 2 months now and absolutely love it. It’s changed my life! I find it very motivating to see the number of steps taken each day, and am not satisfied until I reach the goal. Whenever I get to my step goal, the…Continue Reading
Over the weekend, we were on our way to celebrate Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival with my parents’ church, when a group of Aussie onlookers stopped us mid-track to ask what all the food and fuss was about. “It’s a celebration that happens once a year where families gather together to eat mooncakes.” As I hurried away carrying giant plates of food my mother had prepared, I wish I had invited them along to the festivities. But because they were not Chinese, and it wasn’t my call, I hesitated about inviting them to a Mandarin speaking pot-luck dinner. Thinking back, isn’t food the universal language? For our family, Mid-autumn (ie 15th of August on the lunar calendar) Festival is not just about reuniting with loved ones to eat, although every Chinese celebration revolves around food. The fullness and brightness of the moon is also a reminder of the new and full life I have in Christ Jesus. He…Continue Reading
I’ve always had a fondness for linen, but it wasn’t until my recent trip to Spain, that linen became my summer staple! Made from nature’s flax, a plant grown for food (think omega goodness of flax seed oil!), bedding (pure Provincial luxury living) and clothing, no wonder it’s a fabric of style and substance! Uniqlo premium French linen shirt // Versace Sunglasses // Vintage Scarf // Mango Jeans //Karla Spetic Clutch // Habbot Pumps In summer, if you walked down the streets of Paris, Milan or Barcelona, you’ll see nearly every fashionista/er struttin’ around in linen garments, oozing that nonchalant confidence and charm. Being a natural fibre, linen is breathable, has an amazing texture and dries quickly. It’s perfect for staying chic in the heat and an ace travel companion. Stylish Europeans will vouch that linen is the epitome of effortless summer chic, but what I love about linen is its truthfulness. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s natural.…Continue Reading
Do these pants look familiar? They are the Feathers Pajeema Pants I debuted [HERE]. Although these gold platform sandals are not the sturdiest shoes on the planet, I don’t usually have problem walking in them. On this occasion, however, the ground was quite squishy so I had to concentrate on balancing. The only way to stand firm in these stilt-like heels was to have both feet planted square on the ground. Walking on this uneven ground, each otherwise automated step required more thought and consideration. That got me thinking about life. Alexander Wang Jacket // Feathers Pajeema Pants // Sonia Rykiel Sandals // Vintage Shirt & Accessories The world is full of changing ideas and ideals, from fashion trends to moral standards. How can we stand firm in times of constant change? How do we withstand peer pressure? How can we stand firm in our beliefs? To be unswayed by the currents…Continue Reading
Brazillian fashion boutique Melko has a knack of bringing colourful, exotic and comfortable pieces to brighten our typically all noir Melbourne wardrobes. I’ve been the proud owner of a couple of Totem pieces over the years (see Exhibit A and B). The fun prints, fluid lines and relaxed shapes transport me to a tropical destination every time I wear them, and this Felicita shirt is no exception. Totem Felicita Shirt // Vintage Culottes & Bag // Repetto shoes Most of us yearn for and look forward to taking a break from the daily grind, especially if an exotic destination is involved. But I was thinking the other day, we don’t need to wait for a holiday to ‘take a break’. We can take a break from certain things in life that are not good for us. For example, toxic thoughts and toxic habits. We can take a break at lunch time…Continue Reading