Vintage Dress (Worn as coat, see something similar here) // Vintage Denim (see similar styles here) // Karen Millen Clutch // Bared ‘Parrot’ Brogues Photos by Karen Woo Recently I learnt something interesting from this online nutrition course: that the rate of metabolism depends purely the amount of lean muscle mass. This is why exercise, such as weight training is so important. People blame age and diet but actually inactivity is the culprit to man’s many health problems. This issue was further reiterated in this health and fitness online course I am doing after completing the nutrition course. I figured I needed to learn from both sides of the coin, so to speak. What I learnt from this course has completely changed my view on fitness: exercise is not optional. When I was younger (ie pre-baby days) I was pretty fit, I used to run 3 times a week and called stairs my BFF. But now that I’ve become exponentially…Continue Reading
Girls’ weekends are hard to come by once you have a family. But last weekend, not only did I get to retreat to one of Victoria’s most idyllic getaway spots, I was so privileged to spend it with two very special ladies, Candice and Karen. They have been my pillars of support over the years, especially during my first year of motherhood. In fact, if it weren’t for them, I would have given this blog up a long time ago. I am forever grateful to them for their timely advice, encouragement and prayers. This weekend, we only had one agenda: to rest, reflect and recharge. We were careful to not schedule in too many activities so that we could spend quality time together and savour the entire weekend. Being young moms, we tried to do things that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to with our little ones: fine-dining, frolicking about at a farmer’s market, soaking it up…Continue Reading
Vintage Blouse, Belt & Skirt // Tom Gunn Heels Photos by Karen Woo My friend Karen is a gifted photographer. She has this knack for bringing out the beauty in people and capturing them in their best possible light. She says that the more she gets to know her subject, the better her photos turn out. I am so privileged to work with her. Sometimes, I can’t believe how much better she makes me look than in real life!  I’m actually carrying one of her cameras in these pictures as a prop, but even if I had her skills and equipment, I still wouldn’t be able to take photos like her. I don’t have her eye for light and composition and I don’t have a gift for bringing out and capturing the essence of someone’s personality the way she does. The mind and heart are the true lens of a camera. Similarly, today I learned that one…Continue Reading
Vintage Jumpsuit & Belt // Bensimon Shoes // Photographer’s Cap & Sunglasses Photos by Karen Woo Remember how I mentioned in this post that I did an online course on nutrition? Well, one of the biggest lessons I learnt from it is this: our basal metabolic rate is purely dependent on our lean muscle mass. Like many people, I used to blame age for my declining metabolism, but actually age is more like the scapegoat. The reason why it is much easier to put on weight as we get older is because we become more sedentary. Yes, we do wine and dine more as we get older, but we also move less. We drive everywhere, avoid stairs, and become BFFs with the couch. Bottom line is, we exercise less and therefore lose lean muscle mass. But it is our muscles that burn the stored energy in our bodies. So to improve…Continue Reading
At the end of last year, I was given the opportunity to be pampered at one of Victoria’s most highly respected skin clinics, neoSKiN. Having just endured a few weeks of segmented sleep, my skin was in desperate need of a perk-me-up. So when neoSKiN offered the LED light therapy and a neoOxygen facial, I couldn’t book my babysitter fast enough. It was a scorcher of a day. I was melting. But as soon as I stepped into the clinic, an air of tranquility swept over me. The decor is fresh and modern, and the service is impeccable! I was greeted by the Founder and Managing Director of neoSKiN, Yasmin Najjar. When Yasmin was 24, she traveled extensively around the world. Having witnessed many technological advancements in skin treatments, she started neoSKiN in 2008 to provide Australians with the latest cosmetic skin treatments. The award winning clinic has 3 locations: South Melbourne, Richmond and Williamstown. I had the privilege of visiting the Richmond clinic and trying out Yasmin’s favourite…Continue Reading
  Brose Top // Vintage Cuff, Belt, Skirt & Clutch // Habbot Heels Photos by Karen Woo This cute peplum top made its way to me all the way from Canada a few years ago. Designer Marika Brose has one of the most enviable CVs I’ve ever come across. She studied fashion in Paris and merchandising management in New York. She has worked for Prada, Chloe and Bloomingdales. Now in Toronto with a burgeoning label, Marika designs pieces for ladies ‘who like to go out’. I love anything with a peplum and everything one shoulder. So this top was a keeper. But it was winter so I stored the top away thinking it’d be perfect for Spring as we tend to go out more in the warmer weather. But because it’s navy, it quickly got lost in the dark abyss that was once my closet. Thankfully, I detoxed my wardrobe recently…Continue Reading