When I was op shop shopping in Gold Coast, a lady asked me whether I was a ‘silver or gold person’. To her astonishment, I replied “Neither. I’m a colour person.’Last year was probably the toughest year of my life, yet. I struggled with trying to keep up with every commitment I used to have before motherhood, only this time round, with a bub and sleep deprivation. When all the balls were starting to tumble, I remember the days to be long and dark, just like my outfits.Not that there’s anything wrong with wearing black (let’s face it, black will always be the ‘new black’, it is still the chic-est colour ever, and this is Melbourne after all!) but perhaps one requires more courage and boldness to step out in rainbow-hued ensembles? I certainly found that it was only when the inner issues were dealt with, namely emotional eating and grumbling, that I…Continue Reading
I wore this lace shirt a fair bit overseas. When my Singaporean auntie saw it, she was trés excited. The lace sleeves remind her of the kebaya, the traditional embroidered blouses that the Peranakan Nyonya ladies of Malaysia used to wear. I found mine in an opshop so its origins are unclear. The shirt is pretty special but I realized something when I was wearing it: just like me, it’s full of holes. Being a blogger, always having nice images of myself on show on social media, people may get the wrong impression: that I have it all together. In fact, I am far from that. I am very flawed.It’s only in the past couple of months that I overcame a seriously unhealthy obsession with sugar (actually it was with food in general), which had been secretly crippling many aspects of my life for years. My husband said that I was on the ‘see-food diet’ because every time I saw food,…Continue Reading
I caught up with a friend yesterday who I’ve not seen for a while. Knowing about my recent struggles about whether or not to continue blogging, she said this. “One day when I read on your blog that ‘every day is worth dressing up for’, it literally changed my life.” How we dress influences how we feel, how we carry ourselves, and how others perceive us. As a young mum, I know too well how easy it is to neglect my appearance. Before motherhood, I was never seen in the same outfit twice, ever! Nowadays I just squeeze into whatever fits me. I’ve neglected my style mantra for a while. But something is changing. I realized as I was chatting with my friend that every day is not just worth dressing up for, it’s worth being grateful for, and it’s worth living for. Every day, every opportunity, every breath is a gift. Somethings we…Continue Reading
It feels like I’ve not blogged for a lifetime. Ok, it’s only been a solid 3 weeks since my last post but it seems like an eternity had passed. I guess a lot has happened since we last spoke. When I went overseas, I had grand hopes of putting my heart to paper, or should I say, my thoughts to screen. I even lugged around the camera and laptop but I literally had no time to type. Every waking moment was spent with people. Ok, so I did fit a 2 hour massage in there somewhere but even that was a group activity. When we were in Singapore, there was a day when we caught up with 18 people! It was such a surprised and a privilege,  because even though I’ve not invested into their lives for over 4 years. they took time out of their busy schedules to see me. To each and…Continue Reading
It’s almost inconceivable that Chadstone has not been the home of an Alice McCall store until today. Hooray! The opening of the gorgeous boutique, smack bang in the middle of Morrison and Manning Cartell, is a game-changer for many, including yours truly. Chapel Street is great but it has its limitations, namely parking. Now that Alice McCall has opened shop at Chadstone, I honestly feel that the fashion capital is complete. I first met Alice in a Sydney book store a couple of years ago. She is the embodiment of her clothes- charming and lovely. Recently I had the opportunity to interview Alice about the boutique and ask her a few style questions. How does this Chadstone boutique differ from the other shops? What will customers expect when they visit this store? All the fittings are the highest end of luxe. The internal and external framework was inspired by ornate iron fittings from the Victorian era,…Continue Reading
Thiery Lazry Sunglassess // Vintage Sacrf, Jacket & Dress  // Maison Martin Margiela Boots Just the other day, during her dog’s annual checkup, a client relayed to me her passion for history. She believes that in order to move forward, we need to learn from the past. She was very well read on French history and revealed many interesting insights about the intriguing nation in terms of their trade and economy. She taught me more about antiquity than I did about her Aussie terrier. Afterwards, I was inspired to review my own history. It’s rare these days for us to take the time to stop and think, but it’s so important for our soul. I reflected on past mistakes, bad habits and unwise decisions, and vowed to learn from them lest history repeats itself…