I fell head over heels in love with Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom The Musical last night. It brought a lot of nostalgia, because I watched Strictly Ballroom when I was a mere teen with my childhood BFF. Based on the film Luhrmann created back in 1992, starring Thomas Lacey as Scott Hastings, and Phoebe Panaretos as Fran, love was definitely in the air at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Hubby had to hold me back from singing and dancing in the aisles. You don’t need to have seen the film to watch the musical. If you’re clever like Hubby, you’d guess the plot after the first 10 minutes of the show. Although I’d seen the movie before, I only realized why it was called “Strictly Ballroom” after last night… The musical was a feast for the senses. Sequins, feathers and tulle oh my! Costumes created by Catherine Martin dazzled under the disco ball and we all…Continue Reading
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These photos were taken a month ago by stylist and photographer extraordinaire Meagan Harding for Melbourne-based fashion label Micky In The Van. Designer, boutique owner, as well as one of the most beautiful souls I’m privileged to call friend, Estelle, had envisioned a photo shoot featuring ladies that embody her label’s unique, confident and feminine qualities. She hand-selected a group of women she considers to have “style, authenticity and a personal sense of leadership.” Amongst this formidable roundup of bloggers, writers and fashion PR, I’m chuffed and honoured to be included alongside Leeyong, Kyra, Marianne, Cheryl, Sophi, Dasha, Iolanthe and Estelle. No wonder I’m wearing such a big grin. As you can imagine, trying to round up a group of uber-busy fashionistas for a day-shoot is no easy feat. But when we received the brief from Estelle, we immediately cleared our calendars. That’s a testament to what a wonderful designer and…Continue Reading
Last night I donned some tennis whites to attend the TAG Heuer Summer party at MS Collins with hubby. Just in time for the Australian Open, the Swiss luxury watch giant hosted a discotheque-type party with the help of global DJ sensation, NERVO, and guest of honour, international tennis champion and TAG Heuer Ambassador Maria Sharapova. She was indeed the major draw card. Ms Collins was fully packed with TAG Heuer enthusiasts and Sharapova fans. Excitement among the crowd was at fever pitch when she appeared alongside Kate Peck and the Aussie twins Mim and Liv at the sound deck. I left at half time because I was melting (the aircon must have go on strike due to the celebrity overload) and as a result missed out on having a photo with the tennis star. But then again, maybe I’m getting too old for fan girl snaps and rave parties. Nevertheless, I had a whale of…Continue Reading
Vintage Top & Watch / Chanel Bag / Karen Millen Jeans / La Promenade Socks / Habbot Heels There’s something about polka dots that makes them so timeless and youthful. Little circles spaced uniformly, their allure lie in their simplicity. No wonder Caroline Herrera is a fan. Polka dots are quirky, cheerful and utterly fun. Most recently, I discovered that children are especially drawn to polka dots. If you ever want to be a kid magnet, wear polka dot hosiery. I never had an affinity with kids until that day. The toddlers were mesmerized by my ‘dots’ and wouldn’t leave my legs alone. So when I spotted (no pun intended) these sheer ‘Sally’ socks on online hosiery boutique, La Promenade, I knew that they are the perfect pair for me to start embracing the socks-with-heels trend. In fact, these sheer ankle socks makes wearing pumps and brogues so much more comfortable. Now I’ll just have to…Continue Reading
Vintage Hat / Stella McCartney Playsuit (see how I styled it last time here) / Fendi Belt / Kors by Michael Kors Sandals / I seem to be on a leopard print streak. It might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been working quite a bit as a vet lately - so I have animal print on my mind, as well as a few newly acquired scars. They were ‘souvenirs’ from a most adorable British Shorthair. I may or may not have squeezed him a little too firmly…but they were totally worth it! Ever since Theodore got sick, I’ve been spending more time reading veterinary literature. There is so much for me to learn and to revise. The joys of discovering something new (for example, which breeds of dogs are more sensitive to pain relief ‘Rimadyl’ tablets, and why short-hair breeds like Staffies, Rottweilers, Bull Terriers and Great Danes are more prone to atopic dermatitis), or in some cases, relearning…Continue Reading
Photo source here  A few years ago, I had a little debate with a colleague about whether yumcha is healthy or not. As an Asian, and a Yumcha lover, I pointed out that most dishes are steamed and so therefore, they must be healthy. But she very quickly pointed out, just as I was gulping down a rather large dumpling, that most yumcha dishes are laden with carbs. My mouth was full and so she had the last say. Last weekend I enjoyed a long and delicious yumcha brunch with my besties. Whilst we sat sampling the fine array of delectable dim sums, conversations flowed seamlessly across the Lazy Susan, I couldn’t help but notice that at our table, spring rolls kept getting rejected. They were like the unpopular kids at the school prom. Unpicked and made to huddle in their own (bamboo-encased) circle. But it wasn’t just the spring rolls, buns,…Continue Reading