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by cecylia on April 24, 2014


DSC00040I know that fashion week is a thing of the past now. But allow me to share with you something I learnt whilst packing for the trip: you can do fashion week with very little. Because we brought baby and the pram along this time, we wanted to travel as light as possible. So I only packed the lightest, thinnest and most versatile pieces for the trip. For someone who routinely packs 7 pairs of shoes just for a staycation in Melbourne, this was quite a feat.

I must admit, before I worked out what to pack, I panicked about the impossibility of it all. How does one travel light for fashion week? It’s Mission Impossible! In the past, not only would I need to pack different outfits for each day of the week, I needed the variety to cater for my vacillating vanity. But turns out that after becoming a mom, vanity doesn’t seem to have such a strong grip on me anymore.

Not only that, I also realised what the most important ‘things’ are on this trip: not the clothes, not the shoes, and not the bags, they are Hubby and Bubby. Plus, I had the lightest, softest and comfiest Stella & Minx pieces to bring to Sydney: slouchy silk pants, butter soft leathers and this knitted bodycon dress. So packing became a breeze! I threw in a few vintage numbers for good measure and my suitcase was still only half-full. I also reasoned that if I needed anything else, I could just hit the shops in Sydney. That’s half of the fun of travelling, isn’t it? And sure enough, I did manage to scour this outfit from a local vintage store…


DSC00017    DSC00036DSC00015 Not only was it a nice challenge to pack little for Sydney, the editing exercise was really cathartic. When fashion week is your agenda (read: when you have to dress up to the nines, in the latest fashion offerings, every day!) you really have to think twice about the ‘viability’ of everything in your closet.

As much as it pains me to admit, the majority of my wardrobe just don’t cut it anymore. Even though my ‘collection’ is far from being impressive (although I know more than a few bloggers who would love to raid it), thanks to Sydney and the recent flood attack, everything I own from my coat rack to my sock drawer, is now under scrutiny.

Having less is truly liberating. All I need now is the courage to actually drop these bags off at the opshop…

Where: our Sydney Airbnb Apartment

Wear: Stella & Minx Dress / Vintage Slip / Arezzo Heels 

Chinese Translation by Teresa Ruan (Click below to read)

双鞋的人来真是不可思议。我先生一直提倡轻松出行。这次因为带着宝宝还要推着婴儿车走来走去,我们希望行李越少越好。这就成为我的最后通牒:如何轻松出行却又可以每天换不同的衣服。这毕竟是时装周啊! 当我正在为此不可能的任务感到紧张时我突然顿悟了。这次旅行我只需要两样:先生和宝宝。其他任何东西都排在后面包括鞋子。当我理解这一点以后,打包行李就变得轻松自如。再说了,Stell & Minx寄给我好几件又轻又舒适的衣服。想象下丝绸跨裤,柔软的皮革和羽毛般轻盈的合体针织衫。我只需带几件古董衣就可以参加时装周(MBAFW)了。再说了,如果我真需要别的东西的话我也可以在Sydney就地取材。 没有那么多东西真是一种解放。现在如果我有足够的勇气把这些包包送到慈善商店话…




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