Recently we moved house (DIY) under a very tight deadline. It was EPIC. We somehow managed to load up a 10 tonne truck, twice. Since I was working so much leading up to our move, I didn’t get a chance to declutter. At first, I thought we were doomed for failure (#epicfail), how were we going to get our house packed in time to hand over the keys, let alone manage the move, with a baby? The whole ordeal appeared as impossible as the proverbial “moving mountains” – good thing that even moving mountains is possible if you have faith, right? So we had faith, and the help of our dear friends and family. First of all, our parents helped, especially my Mom, the most efficient woman on the planet, who almost single-handedly packed up our house and cooked for us when we were at work. Our kind cousin Ron and friend Sam lent the muscle to…Continue Reading
Ever since I was little, I was told that I bear an uncanny resemblance to my Dad. Especially when I was a youngling and had super short hair, people used to say that I looked exactly like him. It used to bother me, and I’d think “what? do I look like a man?” But now that I’m older (and wiser), I’m proud to say that “I am my father’s daughter.” Yesterday in Australia, we celebrated Father’s Day. It was hubby’s first Father’s Day as a dad, and my Dad’s first Grandfather’s Day :) I feel so blessed to have a father who gave his child everything he could so that she could thrive in this world. He taught me the importance of honesty, integrity, and punctuality, and he literally went the distance for me. I remember growing up in Shanghai, my father used to take me on a number of buses to get to drawing…Continue Reading
The Irish are a talented bunch. We all know that they are good at singing (tell me you’re not a fan of The Corrs, or U2), acting (Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson and Stuart Townsend, just to name a few) and drinking, but did you know that they have also contributed significantly to the world of fashion? For starters, there’s Philip Treacey, milliner extraordinaire to the stars (Lady Gaga, SJP and Princess Beatrice have all been adorned by his fantastical creations); J.W. Anderson, whose every design makes my heart beat 46% faster (specially this top); and new comer (but from serious designer lineage) Simone Rocha, champion of modern femininity, has gained cult status among the seriously hip It-girls. And it’s no wonder, for a nation that is so richly steeped in history and heritage, the Irish sure knows a thing or two about classic design and traditional craftsmanship.  Recently I had the good fortune of being introduced to…Continue Reading