Vintage Jumper // Chorus Wrap Skirt // Habbot Pumps Photos at the Park Hyatt Melbourne Ambassador Suite By Karen Woo Is there anything more restorative, relaxing and required in our busy modern life than a stay-cation? I think not. I feel so blessed to have been able to spend 3 weeks in Spain but to have some time away from our normal routine, without having to do mundane (but necessary) tasks like cooking and cleaning for just a few days is just as soul enriching. Sometimes, it takes a new environment for introspection to occur. Sometimes we just need a staycation. So let me share something I’ve learnt lately. Thanks to various books (The Revolution: A Field Manual for Changing Your World), podcasts (loving the Freakcomics and TED talks!), events (I’ve just been to a ‘Food As Medicine’ event at the Trupp Cooking School and a ‘wellness morning’ at the Park Hyatt Melbourne…Continue Reading
Zimmerman Jumpsuit // Chloe ‘Drew’ Bag There was a serious case of lost luggage among the wedding attendees. Since everyone, including the bride and groom, had flown into Spain, there must have been about 100 extra suitcases in Majorca that weekend. A few of our Aussie friends didn’t get reunited with their luggage until 48 hours later. Luckily for them, they stayed with good friends who shared their wardrobes, and also lucky for them, their suitcases arrived just in time, so they could stick to schedule and slip into their pre-planned wedding attires. I met a stunning lady at the wedding who suffered a similar fate with her luggage. However, unlucky for her, hers wasn’t due to arrive until the day after, and she was only there for the weekend! But look at her! If Anna hadn’t confided in me about her luggage woes, I never would have guessed that this gorgeous outfit was merely an impromptu! She had her dreamy…Continue Reading
“Once in a while, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale.”  This is probably the shortest, sweetest and best way to describe my friend’s wedding in Majorca last weekend. Our entire trip to Spain was in preparation for this special day, or should I say, this epic weekend. So behold beloveds, this is part 2 of the wedding celebrations. I present to you: the Big Day! The day couldn’t have been more perfect, and our friends couldn’t have chosen a more magnificent or sublime spot to tie the knot. The said spot is in the beautiful bay of Pollenca, on the north coast of the largest of the Balearic islands. After scouting the entire island of Majorca, the couple chose one of the finest estates, Castell de Mansera (Castell means castle in Catalan), as their wedding destination. The reason is that they wanted the entire celebration…Continue Reading
  Vintage Bag, Earrings & Necklace // Zara Sandals Miss Sixty Bikinis // Kikki K Travel Journal // Vintage Bracelet These past 3 weeks of sunshine, siestas and fiestas are coming to a grinding halt. I’m writing this at Barcelona airport waiting for our home-bound flight. What an epic holiday, if only I could turn back time! Our friend’s destination wedding gave us the perfect opportunity to visit Spain, a country that has so much to offer and is so welcoming. Art, architecture, culture, cuisine, history, heritage, sea, sunshine, shopping, the list goes on. This was our 8th honeymoon, and my favourite. I am going to miss the 21 days of faultless weather, the pretty and narrow streets, the pristine beaches, the ornate museums (which are exhibits in themselves), the succulent food (I’m now a tapas devotee) and the incredible shopping. Thank you for this amazing holiday, Spain! I sure hope to visit you again in the near future. Next…Continue Reading
Where: Son Brull Hotel & Spa Wear: Vintage dress, earrings & bag // Miss Sixty wedges As you’ve seen from my Instagram photos, the past 3 days have been EPIC. After all, not many people have destination weddings in Majorca, Spain, and not many have an entire weekend filled with festivities. It was a modern-day fairy tale, a stuff-only-dreams-are-made-of kind involving a castle, a dessert buffet, a hog-on-a-spit, a swimming pool, a helicopter, and much much more! My friend Xin (in the fiery QiPao) and I have been friends since high school. We bonded over gruesome maths equations, a zest for life and our lack of siblings. It was through her that I met my husband! A couple of years ago, she moved to London to work and there, she met the love of her life. The meticulous and thoughtful couple planned everything with their friends and family in mind. Essentially their ultimate aim, aside from getting married,…Continue Reading
The evening we arrived in Barcelona, Hubby exclaimed “We’re going fine dining!” Usually those two sweet words are music to my ears but this particular night, I cringed at the thought. I was still recovering from a bout of food poisoning so for the first time in Spain I wasn’t overtly interested in food. But since we only had 2 nights in Barcelona, and hubby wanted to go, I decided to soldiered on. After slipping into a Studio941 knit top and Peter Alexander silk dress worn as a skirt, we set off for Sergi de Meia. Although the 2.7 km journey couldn’t ‘walk up’ my appetite, I was instantly charmed by the restaurant. It was subtle, effortless and unpretentious. We actually walked past it the first time because it was so inconspicuous. A farmhouse-like display of fragrant herbs in washable paper pots, a ‘Slow Food’ sign sitting centre stage on wooden…Continue Reading