Remember the days when every second of my blog post was an Event? “If I got a dollar for each missed event or opportunity, I’d be rich (and be able to afford this)!” I recently lamented to a friend about sacrificing so many great blogging opportunities since becoming a mom. I barely get any time to spend on the laptop or social media these days because I’ve decided to be fully present with my son. Trying to knead playdough, whilst singing nursery rhymes to Winston and Instagramming just wasn’t working… But then an amazing event like the Mr Price/MRP launch party happens and swept everyone off their feet. If the invitation wasn’t enticing enough (it was a fashion video incorporated in a card complete with volume dials), the South African high street label imported guests of honour, British model/It-Girl Poppy Delevingne and celebrity designer Henry Holland to the Melbourne Central store. Poppy is the face of MRP’s Oakridge…Continue Reading
The last time I donned this silk Vanessa Bruno frock was for a friend’s wedding. I was a lot slimmer back then so it pains me to look at my old photos and reminisce about my then-washboard abs and tiny waist. But the photos and the memories taught me something profound- the difference between modelling and role modelling. We are attracted to models because of their outward appearance, but it is the inner workings of role models that impact us. I could never qualify as a model, but now that I’m a mom (and older), I’m instantly a role model to my child. A role model leads by behaviour, character and experience. I’m blessed with a number of amazing role models from my mom to my mom-in-law. Although I’m far from being a good role model, I’m happy to be transparent and to share the tales of my struggles. After all, role models need to be…Continue Reading
I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this too but there’s been a bit of an emphasis on watches lately. Smart or mechanical, it seems that watches are de rigeur at the moment. Back in July, I received a FitBit Surge watch from hubby and a stunning Skagen mechanical watch from my parents-in-law for my birthday. In the past couple of months, I’ve also had the privilege of scoring some pretty fancy timepieces from the opshop. Just a few weeks ago, I was selected by Tokki Watches to participate in an expert roundup discussion about the potential future of versus mechanical watches. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic too! If you would like to check out the answers from an impressive lineup of fashion, lifestyle and watch bloggers, head over [HERE].And then just last week, I had the privilege to attend the launch of new TW Steel Mick Doohan Special Edition watch at The…Continue Reading
I bought this leather vest from an opshop many years ago. At the time, the minimalist movement had just started and I saw the potential in this garment. Back then, it was huge and I was swimming in it. But since I’ve up-sized, it now fits quite well. And now, people actually ‘get it’. Often it takes time for the things we see potential in to be accepted and celebrated, but if we stick to our guns, the wait will be worth it.   Speaking of waiting, thank you so much for joining the Garmin Vivofit2 Giveaway Competition! I loved reading your responses and learning about your favourite forms of sport and exercise! Man you guys are a fit bunch! It seemed that the Newport (the red/navy/black) colours were the favourite too! And so, without further ado, the winner of the Garmin Vivofit2 Giveaway is……. Amanda! Congratulations! Please let me know how many steps you…Continue Reading
I hope you’re sitting tight, because I’m going to tell you a secret! I’m going to tell you the origin of my name. Vintage Everything // Uterque Heels Before I came to Melbourne, a family friend in Shanghai recommended the name “Lucy” because it sounds just like my Chinese name. They thought it was a great idea, I didn’t. Plus, my maiden name was “Liu”… So when I came to Australia, I had the privilege to acquire many things I didn’t have the opportunity to have in Shanghai: less-embarassing clothes, piano lessons, a pet dog, private education, and a set of godparents. It was my godfather who gave me my English name. Not satisfied with the original spelling of ‘Cecilia’, because I’ve always been a bit of a rebel, I decided to customize my name because I liked the flowing nature of the letter ‘y’. Apparently, ‘Cecylia’ is the Polish…Continue Reading
Just last week, I had an interesting conversation with a colleague about whether or not moms should work. This is a topic very close to my heart as I’ve struggled with it for over a year. It’s only recently I’ve come to really embrace and prioritize my role as a mom, and not feel the anguish or resentment for the missed opportunities of the past. We talked about how sad it is that mothers are judged by their work schedules. Full-time moms are considered ‘lazy’ and working moms are labeled ‘irresponsible’. And in my colleagues’ case, she was frowned upon by the majority of stay-at-home moms in her mother’s group because she works… part time. Lol, we just can’t win?! It’s like we are our worst enemy! Shouldn’t moms band together? We already have a pretty challenging gig, why add salt to the wound? Vintage Everything // Equipment Shirt //Uterque Heels Whether or not a mom should work…Continue Reading