Do these pants look familiar? They are the Feathers Pajeema Pants I debuted [HERE]. Although these gold platform sandals are not the sturdiest shoes on the planet, I don’t usually have problem walking in them. On this occasion, however, the ground was quite squishy so I had to concentrate on balancing. The only way to stand firm in these stilt-like heels was to have both feet planted square on the ground. Walking on this uneven ground, each otherwise automated step required more thought and consideration. That got me thinking about life. Alexander Wang Jacket // Feathers Pajeema Pants // Sonia Rykiel Sandals // Vintage Shirt & Accessories The world is full of changing ideas and ideals, from fashion trends to moral standards. How can we stand firm in times of constant change? How do we withstand peer pressure? How can we stand firm in our beliefs? To be unswayed by the currents…Continue Reading
Brazillian fashion boutique Melko has a knack of bringing colourful, exotic and comfortable pieces to brighten our typically all noir Melbourne wardrobes. I’ve been the proud owner of a couple of Totem pieces over the years (see Exhibit A and B). The fun prints, fluid lines and relaxed shapes transport me to a tropical destination every time I wear them, and this Felicita shirt is no exception. Totem Felicita Shirt // Vintage Culottes & Bag // Repetto shoes Most of us yearn for and look forward to taking a break from the daily grind, especially if an exotic destination is involved. But I was thinking the other day, we don’t need to wait for a holiday to ‘take a break’. We can take a break from certain things in life that are not good for us. For example, toxic thoughts and toxic habits. We can take a break at lunch time…Continue Reading
Karen and I have been trying to get together to take photos for months now. But thanks to Melbourne’s wet winter, each time our photoshoot fell on rainy days. So last week, we were pleasantly surprised by how sunny our photo date was. Normally, photographers don’t like the harsh midday sun but miraculously, the bright rays worked to our advantage, and I could keep my shades on… Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses // Feathers Pajama Shirt Dress // Stella & Minx Leather Skirt // Vintage Bag & Necklaces // Habbot Brogues The sun not only provided warmth, illumination and vitamin D, it was also a mood-lifter. I always joke with friends saying that I’m “solar charged”. Sunny days always make me more cheery, energetic and efficient. When the sun is shining, I am like one of those Energizer bunnies, zipping around tackling the to-do list with zest and gusto. King David once said that “the Lord God is a sun…Continue Reading
I wore this ensemble to the Uniqlo’s Linen Launch Lunch last week. Had thought about donning a linen shirt to it but I thought it’d be too cliché, so was stoked to find this vintage top and brooch in the local op shop moments before the event. Who ever said that ‘blue and green should never be seen’ obviously haven’t set eyes on this sweater. Vintage Top & Accessories // Estelle Dévé Cuff // Karen Millen Jeans // Bared Parrot Brogues I often get asked about tips for op-shop shopping. Having been an avid raider of op-shops since I was 10, I do have a few up my sleeve. Here are my top 3: 1. Be inspired. Before setting foot in the wonderful world of second hand bliss, get visual inspiration, have some idea of what you need/want, otherwise it can be bewildering. For clothes, I like to flip through…Continue Reading
One of Winston’s tell-tale signs of sleepiness is the grabbing of my ear lobes. He is very good at removing the back of my earring. As a result, I spend a lot of time on my knees searching for the tiny little metal clasps. Just the other day, he successfully removed the back of my favourite Coach earrings when we were out. I was devastated. These “C-C” earrings were gifted to me by my dear friend Karen for my birthday this year. I remember screaming in my head ‘NOoooo!!!’ As I knelt on the concrete pavement, combing through the cracks on the ground searching for the tiny golden clasp, I had an epiphany… Just as earrings need ‘backs’ to ensure that they stay on, we all need people to ‘have our backs’ in our lives to keep us on track. Having reliable and resolute family members, friends, mentors or accountability partners can be…Continue Reading
Eight years ago, I learnt a life-changing skill: ironing. Being a single child, I was pretty spoilt at home. Before marrying hubby, I never ironed a single garment. Then, it was five to seven shirts a week! I can still remember the very first time I tried my hand at ironing. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know which part of the shirt to start with. The whole process seemed so complicated that before I even started ironing, I began to complain: “This is so hard!” “It’s so boring!” “Oh I wish he ironed his own shirts?” “And why does he wear so many shirts anyway?!” It’s amazing how difficult a task can become when an initial act of love is replaced by a complaining spirit.As I stood there, feeling as frustrated as the creased and lifeless shirt lying on the ironing board, suddenly, “Do everything without grumbling or arguing” from Paul’s letter to the Philipians…Continue Reading