Konstrukt Leather Hat (similar styles here) / TOMS Sunglasses / Superdry Top / Vintage Leather Skirt (See similar style here and here) The influence of Jean Paul Gaultier can be seen everywhere. Take this Superdry Breton top for example. The blue and white stripes may have originated from the French navy, and Coco Chanel may have introduced them to the world via her nautical collection, but it was Jean Paul Gaultier who launched them into fame. He has almost become their ambassador by making the Breton stripes synonymous with Parisian chic. Not even these espadrilles could escape the cult status influence of the Breton stripes…
7 years ago today, hubby and I got married. It still feels like it was yesterday. This year was our first anniversary as parents, so we wanted this ‘date night’ to be extra special. Rewind to when we first met, Hubby and I used to spend our free time at uni playing piano for each other. I tried my best to memorize Classical pieces, whilst his fingers glided effortlessly across the keyboard playing jazz. So when we heard about Jazz at the Park, it was music to our ears. On the first Friday night of each month, Park Hyatt Melbourne’s Radii Restaurant ‘comes alive with the sound of (jazz) music’. The ensemble ‘Impromptu’ entertained while we sipped refreshing cocktails and nibbled on gourmet goodies from a Charcuterie style platter. The soulful tunes and the butter soft leather couches brought back memories of when we first met… The Radii Bar was so relaxing I almost didn’t want to move upstairs…but then hubby…Continue Reading
If we are BFF’s on Instagram you’d already seen a few sneaky peeks of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibtion media launch I attended recently. If not, have a squiz here and here, I promise not to disappoint, and then add me as a friend :) To describe The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk as brilliant, beautiful or breathtaking is still an understatement. You really have to see it to believe it. The mannequins move and talk, the garments are out of this world, and the detail! You can just see the painstaking hours behind each hand-made garment! This is, afterall, haute couture, darling! Not your average model: this Mercedes Benz convertible can count its lucky stars by having a custom Jean Paul Gaultier makeover! The reason why Gaultier is so different, daring and distinguished. Gaultier receives a very warm welcome from the media…Continue Reading
I’d heard about Bared from my dear friend Jess (What Would Karl Do) years ago and have driven past the High St Armadale store many times but it wasn’t until they hosted a blogger breakfast event with AMPR (yeah trust me to be holding so firmly to food!) that I finally got to experience the Bared difference. Created by podiatrist Anna Baird who saw a gap in the market for modern, stylish shoes that are supportive and comfortable. Bared shoes have built in insoles that literally give your feet (and mood) a lift. The moment I tried on a pair of Bared shoes, I wanted to go for a run. They were so comfortable, it was as though I was wearing runners! Since I’m on my feet all the time, with vetting, looking after Winston, or attending events, chic and comfortable shoes make a world of difference. I’m sure that you’d agree. Bared has come a long…Continue Reading
Jess and Cecylia
I never understood why Derby Day was considered the day for punting purists until now. Despite the tempestuous weather warnings, including this ominous caution from my mother “Why you not wear a coat? You going to watch a horse? You going to catch a cold!” (she doesn’t actually talk like that, but the direct Chinese translation is pretty close), I, along with the rest of Melbourne, flocked to the Flemington racecourse to watch horses, snap clothes horses, and to tempt fate with the elements. Dozens of fabulous fillies grace the Birdcage, but Kate Waterhouse is my favourite. How can you say no to a strapless dress with pockets? This girl has style and horse racing in her DNA. Beaming with hubby Luke Ricketson, can you believe she gave birth only 5 months ago? Always a treat to run into the leggy Lauren Brain, Nova host, fashionista, blogger, and her friend Emma. The…Continue Reading
We’ve been blessed with amazing weather lately, so last weekend, my boys and I headed to a park for a picnic. We were sent a KLOP set recently and after watching this video I’ve been itching to try it out. KLOP is a fun and easy log tossing game originating from Finland. It involves hitting logs, knocking them down and scoring points. The aim is to get to 50 points exactly before anyone else. To see how the game works have a squiz [HERE]. This is what I packed for our picnic: my trusty Constance Roe Tool Box Bag that fits everything but the kitchen sink, our picnic basket, complete with healthy and yummy snacks, the woolen picnic rug, and our game of KLOP! Fun, fashion, food, what else could a young family want? Oh that’s right, Winston’s Lamaze toucan toy! I only recently became a Tupperware convert. But now I see the hype: the…Continue Reading