As the year draws to a close let’s get a little reflective. 2014 has been the most challenging year of my life. But despite the trials, challenges, and heartaches, it has also brought me amazing friendships, opportunities and experiences. Whistles Shirt / Vintage Skirt / Habbot Heels / vintage Roberta di Camerino Bag / Graphic Image Diary Photos by Karen Woo I’m so thankful for new friends I met this year who have become such an integral part of my life, as well as renewed old friendships that have practically cemented their status as family. Yeah, you know who you are. You have blessed me in ways I never even thought was possible. People used to warn me that social life ends once you have kids. But thanks to my supportive family, I have been able to attend countless events and go on date nights with hubby whilst they tirelessly babysat Winston. I’m forever indebted to you. Thank…Continue Reading
I can’t believe how quickly Christmas has come around this year. I’ve never been so ill-prepared. In Christmases of yesteryear, I’d have Christmas cards written, gifts wrapped, the tree up, Christmas menus prepared and even my outfits planned for Christmas parties by the end of November. But this year, I’ve left everything until the very last minute. I only just made the wreath and the dessert last night, still deciding on the menu for our Christmas lunch and have only just wrapped the presents. And there is no Christmas tree. I threw out the enormous plastic shrubbery just before our move. They say that becoming a parent is supposed to make you more decisive, determined and good with dead-lines – but throw in a spoonful of sleep deprivation, house renos, vetting, and a sick pet, and you end up with a recipe for flying time and missing days… Despite all of that, this Christmas won’t be…Continue Reading
As you may have noticed on Instagram I’ve been learning to create flatlays. When you see all the pretty ‘on my desk’ photos, you’d think that everything was thrown together, haphazardly. But this couldn’t be more far from the truth. Good flatlays require careful planning, meticulous execution and decent photography skills. I don’t have the latter but I do have LightRoom (a nifty photo editing software). Oh, and a healthy dose of imagination always comes handy too. So here are a few examples featuring some gifts that I consider ‘game changers’. I was sent this Forever New Perfume bottle tech gift last week. It is an ingenious on-the-go Power Bank! You charge it up first at home, then take it in your purse to charge your phone on the go! It comes with a multi USB adaptor for iPhones, Androids and iPads. it’s small enough to fit into a clutch but t’s much prettier than a phone charger! Recently Penguin sent me…Continue Reading
Karla Spetic Trench Dress / Ballettonet Vera Flats / Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses (simliar pair here) / Vintage Bag The other day someone asked me “Oh are you pregnant with baby #2?” when I wore this dress. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Sure, my figure has bloomed in the past few months due to sleep deprivation and (therefore) my vice for Nutella (cutting down on cakes has its drawbacks), but Winston only just turned one! Do you know why women love shoes (and bags). I learnt this from the boutique days, where we stocked a large range of Repetto shoes (and bags): shoes (and bags) can transform an outfit, are fun to collect, and are not so dependent on body size! Brogues, boots and Birkenstocks may come and go, but ballet flats are always a good idea. They are perennially chic, comfortable and classy. Maybe because I lead such a hectic…Continue Reading
Are you, or do you know someone who likes to buy multiples of things? I never understood the ‘phenomenon’ until I set foot into these Habbot Illusionist pumps. I had the fuschia ones first but then realized that my shoe-drobe would not be complete without the pair in black. Well recently I had a similar experience with this CHORUS ‘Shintai’ skirt (worn as a top). The asymmetry, three-tiers, sheer paneling and thin accordion pleats caught my attention when I was perusing the online store. It’s so cleverly constructed, there are no zips or buttons, just a waist tie. It will be perfect for vacations as it dresses up any top and it travels well (even if the silk Georgette fabric gets creased, just take it in the bathroom with you when you have a steamy shower/bath and the creases will disappear). I wore it to Derby Day a wee bit back and it proved to…Continue Reading
Earlier this week I went to the launch of Eat A Scroll with friends to eat a scroll, or two, or three… Eat A Scroll is Melbourne’s first scroll boutique. The Pop Up Scroll store is the brainchild of husband and wife team Julian and Tammy Chew. After studying industrial design at uni, where he met wife Tammy, Julian followed his love for food to open a café. You may recall the former Lip Café in Ivanhoe, always packed with patrons. Well with a surname like “Chew” you’re destined for the food industry. I wonder if anyone in their family has thought of a chewing gum line… Family name jokes aside, Aria trained pastry chef Julian (under Matt Moran in Sydney) knew he was onto something when he noticed that his cream cheese cinnamon scrolls were selling out every day. Customers from all over Melbourne would flock to Lip just…Continue Reading