A wee while ago the Kee clan attended Constance Roe’s First Birthday bash. A ridiculously good-looking bunch of peeps came to help designer Belle Stewart celebrate. I thought she hired them, turns out they are in fact her nearest and dearest. When you’re talented, grounded and are a champion of Fair Trade, you’re bound to attract a loyal following. Fashion designer Kara Baker, Lisa Bowman, owner of T.A.P – The Accessories Project, who has an amazing collection of French and Italian accessories next door to the Constance Roe Pop Up store, and Belle Stewart The Maggie Satchels remind me of licorice all sorts. Sh-weet! Playing Peekaboo with the Lulu clutch. It’s perfect for your iPad! All Constance Roe bags are created sustainably from leather off-cuts. What a clever way to utilize these smaller leather pieces and to prevent wastage! Zoe Akiko and Chrissie Young, stylist at Silhouette Models. Her dark denim overalls are from ZARA!…Continue Reading
When I was young, we were asked what super power we’d pick if we could. I recall raising my hand up high and blurting out “to be able to fly!” Who wouldn’t want to have that wish come true right? Ok, invisibility would be pretty cool too. Back then, I had only flown once in a plane, and all the superheores I looked up to could fly – Superman, Spiderman, Batman, She-Ra… Well, She-Ra had a winged horse, so that counts. Spiderman could somehow always find something to attach his webs to as he swung through the air, and Batman’s cape did that thing when he was falling that made him look like he was flying.  Ok, so really only Superman could fly.  Give me a break, I was just a kid. Wishful thinking aside, we can have metaphorical wings. With the right attitude, we can fly, soar even, in our situations and…Continue Reading
Whoever invented the jumpsuit deserves a round of applause. Comfortable, chic and child-friendly, sometimes I think it could give the dress a run for its money. Yesterday I wore a silk vintage jumpsuit and was planning to photograph it for you but bubby dropped dollops of his lunch on it so it’s currently sitting in a bucket of cold water. Fingers crossed the papaya and beetroot colours can come out with the power of H2O. So instead, I have the pleasure of introducing you to this ultra comfy Chorus ‘Yoko overall’. We celebrated a friend’s son’s first birthday as well as our mother group’s combined first birthdays this weekend, and there was a lot of birthday cake. I don’t eat cake anymore but I made an exception this time round :) Although I felt like a whale after eating them, the jersey fabric and adjustable waist tie of this culotte-jumpsuit made…Continue Reading
Since we last spoke, about teeth that is, I’ve been back to the Manchester Unity Building 3 times for my Smile Solutions Invisalign treatment.  For most of my life I have self-consciously smiled without showing my crooked bottom row of teeth – quite a task for a blogger who is smiling for a camera multiple times a week! So you can imagine how excited I am at the prospect of giving you a big, toothy grin once the treatment is complete. First, I went to have my mouth scanned by the lovely dental technicians. This procedure barely caused any discomfort, I just had to keep my mouth open for a little while. From the scan, they created a 3D digital model of my teeth from which the orthodontist could devise a re-alignment plan.  It’s so fascinating how they can use this technology to plan out what each of the aligners will look like so that they…Continue Reading
So much has happened since we last had a ‘heart-to-heart’ I don’t know where to begin. Well, for starters I’ve become BFF’s with this Leonard St Deer jumper. It’s the perfect combination of sports chic and animal geek! I recall seeing designer Amanda McCarthy’s sketches of the adorable deer on the Leonard St Facebook page and falling in love with those long bambi lashes. Speaking of Amanda, she’s one of the sweetest people I know. With three hugely popular stores (High St Northcote, Gertrude St and Flinders Lane) and a brand new boutique that just opened on Chapel St Windsor, Leonard St is growing from strength to strength. It is fast garnering an international fan base too. But what impresses me the most about Amanda is how she balances her fashion label with her family life. She is so inspiring not just because she’s an established designer but because she is a working mother. Speaking about…Continue Reading
A few years ago when I was detoxing my shoe wardrobe, I threw out a few pairs of mules. A butter soft tanned pair with wooden heels and a beautiful green pair from Miss Sixty. I am now kicking myself. Sometimes it pays to be a hoarder. I should have known that shoes so comfortable, versatile and easy to put on would come back to haunt my fashion dreams. Luckily, we don’t need to look far to find a fabulous pair that will dress up our jeans, dresses and coats! Miu Miu Leopard Print Mules / Gianvito Rossi Black Leather Mules / Miu Miu Cross Over Suede Mules / Sophia Webster Neon Trimmed Cream Mules / Tibi Black Leather Mules / Sophia Webster Embroidered Mules / Gianvitto Rossi Metallic Leather Mules Tony Bianco Double Strap Mules / Chloe Studded Mules / The Mode Collective Gold Toe Cap Mules / Givenchy Buckle Mules /…Continue Reading