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by cecylia on June 25, 2014

DSC00101You know how I share my new wardrobe acquisitions with you on the blog? As I did recently with my blue velvet Habbot pumps, Karen Millen studded jeans, and Livia Arena skirt? I don’t shop much any more but when I do, I choose pieces that are timeless, versatile and can multi-task. Just like yours truly :)

These new Nike Pre Montreal Racer Vintage trainers are my latest love. They go with everything, are super comfy and even get me off the couch! The irony with running shoes is that they are so on trend now they are practically the new heels. Don’t believe me? Check this out! Wear them anytime, anywhere, except for when you go running!DSC00003 DSC00046 DSC00063 DSC00006 DSC00069 DSC00098 DSC00107

Are you a bit like me where we need pretty workout gear to get us motivated to move? Well these Nike trainers I got all the way from UK’s JD Sport (kinda like the UK version of Rebel Sport they have free shipping to Australia for orders over £75) have done just that, they’ve pretty much become my ‘personal trainers’! I can’t wait to pair them up with jeans and skirts and see where they take me!

Where: a Parish in Garfield

Wear: Hubby’s Beanie / Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses / Kookai Cape / Country Road Dress / Vintage Bag / Nike Trainers

Chinese Translation (Click below to read)

你应该知道我经常在博客上与大家分享我的新收购。正如最近我的Habbot 蓝色绒鞋,Karen Millen的牛仔裤,和Livia Arena的裙子?我不像我年轻的时候经常采购了,但现在我需要的服装都必须很贴身,耐用,并没有时间限制。



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Allie June 27, 2014 at 4:02 am

This is super inspirational!


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