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by cecylia on May 30, 2014

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On Tuesday night, the Kees had the privilege again to attend Eat Street 2014 (please see [HERE] and [HERE] for my previous accounts of this delectable event). The highly anticipated annual gourmet fundraiser supports Redkite, a charity that cares for children and families living with cancer. Sofitel Melbourne On Collins magnificent LaTrobe Ballroom was once again transformed into a sumptuous culinary extravaganza, otherwise known as ‘Eat Street’. Countless famous restaurants, dessert houses, wineries and cheese makers offer their signature dishes as entrée-sized servings to guests. The theme this year, very befitting of Sofitel’s Gallic roots, was French elegance.

I was in my element in a minimalist vintage Teena Varigos frock. Our babysitting plans had fallen through, so we brought mini Kee along. Even if we have to feed each other and take turns doing some ‘heavy lifting’, there was no way hubby and I were missing out on this night of nights. Although during the night we saw a lady who carried her bub in a sling so she could eat hands-free. Clever indeed. Sporting a Seed Heritage animal hoodie and an Armani bib, Winston was also set for some bite-sized fine dining. I was pregnant last year, so technically this is not his first Eat Street experience :)

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Actually Winston provided us with the perfect excuse to overindulge. We were doing weight-lifting after all. I must have downed about 50 samplings, most of which were desserts of course, hence why there are so few photos of food because I inhaled them all too quickly…*insert Oink here*

But the best part about Eat Street is that you can enjoy it with your loved ones. We were thrilled to see so many of our friends there and even more chuffed to run into ones we’d not expected to be there. What a perfect/delicious way to support such a worthy charity. How about we mark Eat Street into our calendars for next year in May?

Where: Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

Wear: Teena Varigos Dress / Habbot Heels / Vintage Earrings

Chinese Translation (Click below to read)

周二晚上,我们有幸再次参加“吃街2014” (请参阅我以前在[这里]和[这里]对往年的描述) 。备受瞩目的年度筹款美食活动支持Redkite ,一个慈善机构,照顾患有癌症的儿童和家庭。墨尔本Sofitel宾馆宴会厅再次变成一个豪华的美食盛会,也被称为“吃街” 。无数著名的餐馆,甜品店,酿酒厂和奶酪制造商提供他们的招牌菜给客人。今年“吃街”的主题是法式优雅。
我穿了一条简约复古的Teena Varigos连衣裙。本来今晚我们有人来看宝宝但最后计划不成功,所以我们把他也一起带上了。我们决不会失去参加“吃街”的机会,因此我们互喂对方,并轮流抱宝宝。他穿了Seed的动物连帽衫和Armani Juniour的围兜,这是宝宝第一次参加“吃街”​​。啊,其实去年我怀孕的时候也已经带他来过了




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Mica May 30, 2014 at 8:44 am

Aww that last photo of the two of you is so cute! Winston is such a happy baby, it’s good you could still go out for the evening and he was well behaved enough to bring along :)


cecylia June 24, 2014 at 2:53 pm

thank you Mica! yeah we feel so privileged to be able to bring Winston to so many fabulous events!


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