I used to get a lot of comments about my skin, but lately thanks to an over-indulgence of cakes and chips, a few areas of my face have decided go on strike and are commanding serious pay increases in the form of extreme TLC. Face creams just didn’t cut it, so I asked around. What’s the best way to get rid of acne scarring? A week ago I experienced my first facial Vibradermabrasion at Vitruvius Cosmetic Clinic. I am very sceptical about most cosmetic procedures, however I heard great things from girlfriends about Vibradermabrasion- it’s non-invasive, effective and it’s a step up from an ordinary facial. My favourite part of the procedure is the massage delivered via the rhythmic vibrations of the hand-piece. It provides gentle exfoliation and stimulates collagen production.  Your face is meticulously cleaned, and treatment lotion is lathered across your skin just like a normal facial, but as an Asian whose face tends to get puffy with tiredness, the gentle motion of the machine is what really gets my lymphatic traffic moving. And the result? Hopefully a more toned and even appearance. Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that.


Karen Millen dress / Mischa Designs Bag / Edenborough Evans Ring / Froth & Cloth Ring / Diana Broussard heels

I discovered both the designers of Mischa (Michelle) and Froth & Cloth (Anne, she is both an amazing blogger and jeweller) in Sydney during fashion week. Now I rarely leave home without the Mischa carry-all for road trips and weekend stays. I recently toted it to Sydney for the Qantas New Uniform Launch, for filming the makeup tutorials with Master Makeup at The InterContinental Hotel and whenever I head to extras jobs, where I’m usually required to bring 3 outfit options for the costume department. In typical Hong Kong cheer, the turtle motif of the Mischa bags represent longevity and the bags are made from waxed cotton so they are water-resistant. I recall running in the thunderstorms after being on set of House Husbands last Friday night. The only thing that remained dry was the content of my bag…

What are some of your new fashion finds? And do you have any recommendations for healthy skin?