Many of you wondered why I was eating breakfast in the Qantas Business Lounge on Tuesday morning. Because the food there is awesome! (Do you know that they have showers there too? I almost had one until I realised I didn’t have a change of clothes. Honestly I would live there if I could.) And because I had the utmost privilege to head up to Sydney to attend the unveiling of the new Qantas uniform, heralded by none other than our home-grown glamour girl Miranda Kerr. Can you recall when I blogged about the exciting annoucement of the new Qantas uniform designer last year [HERE]? Well almost a year later, Martin Grant reveals his design finesse and wows the socks off everyone in attendance from Cate Blanchett, Edwina McCain, Melissa Hoyer and over 300 of Qantas’ staff.

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As you may already know from the news, the new uniform is navy (although it looked more like black), pink and red. What’s uncanny is that I was in fact wearing pink and black on the day, and my nails were painted pink and red (as was feeling adventurous since I don’t have to be a vet for another week)! Martin worked the Inspector-Gadget-esque trenches and fedoras with an air of empowerment and the flattering long-sleeved dresses with such elegance may I dare say, is the finest in Qantas’ uniform history. In Miranda’s own words, the uniform is utterly “comfortable, stylish, chic, and sophisticated.” As you will see in the video we made, the animated cheers from the crowd brought me back to high school athletic tournament days. Models beamed with pride as the elated staff screamed with glee. I love the red lapels Martin created on the trenches that resemble the plane’s tail. A small tear did well up in my eye as Alan Joyce illustrated the significance of the new uniform. They will be on show all across the world, they will represent our country, they are “The Spirit of Australia”. How amazing will it be if our nation will be remembered for style, and not for riding in our backyards on our pet kangaroos!


Thank you so much Qantas for having me at this important milestone in your uniform’s history.

And this weekend, I’m off to Mornington Peninsula with Anastasia, CandiceIolanthe, Leeyong and Marianne. Be sure to be updated via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @cecyliadotcom