What Martin Grant Designed for Qantas

by cecylia on April 19, 2013

Many of you wondered why I was eating breakfast in the Qantas Business Lounge on Tuesday morning. Because the food there is awesome! (Do you know that they have showers there too? I almost had one until I realised I didn’t have a change of clothes. Honestly I would live there if I could.) And because I had the utmost privilege to head up to Sydney to attend the unveiling of the new Qantas uniform, heralded by none other than our home-grown glamour girl Miranda Kerr. Can you recall when I blogged about the exciting annoucement of the new Qantas uniform designer last year [HERE]? Well almost a year later, Martin Grant reveals his design finesse and wows the socks off everyone in attendance from Cate Blanchett, Edwina McCain, Melissa Hoyer and over 300 of Qantas’ staff.

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As you may already know from the news, the new uniform is navy (although it looked more like black), pink and red. What’s uncanny is that I was in fact wearing pink and black on the day, and my nails were painted pink and red (as was feeling adventurous since I don’t have to be a vet for another week)! Martin worked the Inspector-Gadget-esque trenches and fedoras with an air of empowerment and the flattering long-sleeved dresses with such elegance may I dare say, is the finest in Qantas’ uniform history. In Miranda’s own words, the uniform is utterly “comfortable, stylish, chic, and sophisticated.” As you will see in the video we made, the animated cheers from the crowd brought me back to high school athletic tournament days. Models beamed with pride as the elated staff screamed with glee. I love the red lapels Martin created on the trenches that resemble the plane’s tail. A small tear did well up in my eye as Alan Joyce illustrated the significance of the new uniform. They will be on show all across the world, they will represent our country, they are “The Spirit of Australia”. How amazing will it be if our nation will be remembered for style, and not for riding in our backyards on our pet kangaroos!


Thank you so much Qantas for having me at this important milestone in your uniform’s history.

And this weekend, I’m off to Mornington Peninsula with Anastasia, CandiceIolanthe, Leeyong and Marianne. Be sure to be updated via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @cecyliadotcom

周二早上我在澳航商务休息室吃早餐的时候,很多人都问我去哪里旅游。Qantas Business Lounge的食物好棒!(你知道它里面还有淋浴吗?如果Qantas愿意,我愿意住在这里)我非常荣幸去了悉尼参加了Qantas新制服的揭幕。打开时装秀的是澳洲最著名的模特Miranda Kerr。你能记得去年我在[这里]去悉尼参加Qantas制服的新设计师的公告吗? Martin Grant摆设了他在巴黎掌握了的设计技巧。出席的人物包括了澳洲著名演员Cate Blanchett, Vogue的总编 Edwina McCain, 澳洲新闻总编Melissa Hoyer和澳航的三百多位员工。每个人都如此惊讶。

有可能你已经知道这消息,新的制服是由深蓝色(虽然它看起来更像黑色的),粉红色和红色组成的。非常奇妙的事是,当天我正好穿着粉红色和黑色,而且,我的指甲涂成粉红色和红色(因为我还有一个星期才需要当兽医)!Martin设计的制服带有时尚的检查员气氛,带有欧式的优雅,我敢说,是Qantas制服的历史中最风格的制服。Miranda自己说,这制服“既舒适,时尚,别致,并精致。”一会儿你将看到的摄影,人群的欢呼声把我带回高中运动比赛的日子。模特们自豪地步行,Qantas工作人员兴高采烈地高兴地叫着。我不得不承认,我的右眼盈满了小泪。Qantas的总经理Alan Joyce说明这新制服的意义。它们将显示在世界各地,代表我们国家的“澳大利亚精神”。如果我们的国家因为我们的风格为别人留下深刻的影响,而不是“在我们的后院骑着宠物袋鼠”,会多好啊!

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Tracy April 19, 2013 at 9:14 am

This event like it was great. Pink and navy are one of my favorite color combinations.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


Beauty Follower April 19, 2013 at 4:32 pm

Love the woman’s dress with the mini pink scarf!


Mica April 19, 2013 at 9:18 pm

I like the navy pink and red combination :) Would have been a fun event to attend :)

The last comment about the kangaroos made me giggle! I have a team leader in the US who takes the time to occasionally ask about kangaroos and introduces me to new people as someone who rides kangaroos to work haha!


ellen April 20, 2013 at 9:27 am

ooo it looks awesome!


♥ Ellen
Facebook + Instagram


Ira April 20, 2013 at 10:35 pm

I love the pics! So beautiful:)



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