Hussein Chalayan dress (from Paris 99) /  Vintage clutch / Tom Gunn heels

Hello lovelies, I hope you are enjoying the gallery format! After showing you a sneaky of my Hussein Chalayan dress here I knew you craved for more. So keeping in theme with my regression to childhood, I paid a local playground a visit. This dress helped me start 2013 with a clean slate and fresh perspective. Trust the famed Central Saint Martins prodigy to create such a striking dress from a simple shift. Adding ‘real’ human anatomy, albeit futuristic, to the shoulders, the dress fuses fact with fiction, fantasy with realism. I tried adding a necklace or a brooch but they seemed a little meaningless next to such a sleek silhouette. Another lesson of ‘Less is More’ for yours truly. Not sure if you noticed, but there are 3 major shoulder muscles demonstrated in silver, can you help me name them?

Thanks to Diana Vreeland‘s famous quote (that no matter at what age, she will “die young”), and the wise saying from Jesus in Matthew 18:3, being ‘young at heart’ is paramount to our wellbeing. As we bid our adolescence adieu, we lose some of the great qualities that we once possessed: sweet innocence, deep trust, a carefree nature… . So this weekend should the weather permit, why don’t you revisit your childhood and visit your local park for some monkeybar merriment?