Hussein Chalayan muscle dress (from Paris 99) / vintage earrings

Before you jump into any solid conclusions, no I didn’t get a puppy for Christmas. This little chocolate darling slipped quietly into our lives in the new year. A friend neglected my veterinary advice about breeding and decided to start a Miniature Poodle family. I never dreamt of owning a poodle beause of their reknowned neurosis (unbridled intelligence can be unbearable) and I’ve always advised people against the breed, but it didn’t take long for me to fall for him. It was love at second sight. After just one day, he has already grasped “Come”, “Sit” and “Down”, not bad for a lanky pup. Although we still need more training in toilet etiquette…So I’m going against my own recommendation, c’est la vie, but then again, I’ve always loved a challenge. Plus, Pluto is already fitting perfectly into Theodore’s hand-me-downs!