Vintage accessories / Goja Metallic Dress / YSL heels

I love that life is full of surprises. Last year I did a 6 month retail stint with Lisa Ho and met some wonderful people. One of these friendships led me to Goja Designs (the ‘j’ is like a ‘y’). Karmela Goja, the founder and designer of Goja Designs is passionate about creating chic, comfortable and sophisticated signature pieces for women. The perfect ingredients for a stylish wardrobe. If you take a look at her online store,* all of the pieces are versatile, effortless and timeless. It wasn’t difficult for the Metallic Dress to catch my eye. The pockets and the colour wooed me. Here I set out to show you 3 ways to wear this 50s style dress. Because of its adaptable nature, I went back in time for the first outfit, then into the future, and finally, embraced autumn/winter in the last ensemble. If you take a squiz at the gallery, even our new pup, Pluto makes an appearance! I love that Goja pieces are trans-seasonal and stand the test of time. You can wear them to work or on the weekend. I can’t wait to take this dress on a holiday! Oh, imagaine. On a Vespa!

*For a limited time, we receive an extra 30% off when we suscribe to Goja Designs! Happy Shoppping lovelies!

So tell me, which of these looks would you wear?