Dhini trench dress a

Remember Dhini’s trench dress from “50 Shades of Black”?


and the Hussein Chalayan muscle dress from Coming of Age?

Put your hand up if you’re as shocked as I am at the speed of which January is cantering past our very eyes. Even yesterday, I was wishing people “happy belated new year” (surely you’re allowed to say this for a month!) but within 24 hours I won’t be able to treat 2013 as a newbie anymore. The year has already begun! Out of my 3 New Year’s resolutions, I have fulfilled 2. Hooray, a pass for Cecylia! I’ve started to flex my digits at the piano and pay my deserted closet more visits, to the extent that my hideously filled wardrobe is morphing from an ugly duckling, into a swan of moderate attractiveness. When the closet room transforms herself into the beautiful bird, I’ll give you a virtual tour. I promise. Pinky promise. Another great blessing which sprung out from January is that I’ve become more fulfilled in my balancing act of juggling vetting, styling and blogging. A super thankful heart and a deep desire of self-improvement probably have been the key catalysts. I have a few exciting projects in the pipeline which I’ll share with you in due course. It seems that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was right after all, why dream small when you can dream big? Duh!

Everyone I’ve spoken to so far is optimistically excited about 2013. What about you?



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