Vintage shades / Dhini Trench / Lanvin Heels

If you are experiencing the slightest de ja vu right now, well done, I applaud your great memory. This trench has already been featured twice on the blog. Once in its original form, model-clad, undergarment-less, on Dhini’s runway show at Sydney fashion week here. The second time, worn as part of a winter cover-up here. This time, I finally wore the silk trench Dhini designed it to be worn- as a dress, with a chemise. There’s so much to love about this coat dress, but my favourite details would have to be the large side pockets. I bet you didn’t even know they existed until I told you! That’s the beauty of an exquisitely designed piece- it’s full of surprises!

And oh, by the way, what do you think of the gallery format?