Vintage shades, earrings (thanks Jin!), matching top and skirt, bag & belt, Repetto shoes

Welcome back everyone! Did you miss me? How did you enjoy Christmas? Where and how did you spend it?

Ours was a mixbag comprising of morning Christmas church service followed by a game of tennis and ending with Cabin in the Woods. Rather unconventional. But meaningful. In the past week, I feel like I’ve taken a billion paths down memory lane. Seeing dear old friends, reconnecting with lost pals, sharing my past with new amigos lead me to reminisce about my childhood. The emotions, the memories, the journeys. Surprisingly, and thankfully, they have returned not to haunt, but to enrich me. I feel excited about the new year, for new adventures, new challenges, and new friends. Meet Bubu, the gentle giraffe who allowed me to pose with her for some happy snaps.

HAPPY NEW YEAR lovelies! Hope you have a safe night!