For those of you with a memory like a sieve, you may recall seeing this gorgeous backdrop in [THIS POST]. Right in my element, the antique store on Mailing Road served as the perfect rustic backdrop for this outfit with just the right ounce of daytime-drama. The beauty of this Karen Millen gown lies in the drapery. My baby bump almost completely disappeared when I slipped into it. The best advice for pregnant ladies I can give is to think “Long and Lean“. All of your fashion choices will fall into place when you keep this mantra in mind.

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Zara Coat (Similar one HERE) / Karen Millen Gown / Vintage Hat & Earrings / Jerome Dreyfuss Clutch / Robert Robert Heels

Photos by Fashion Photography Melbourne

This is the first time I’m sporting this wool fedora since acquiring it for a song on a trip down to the Mornington Peninsula with some blogger girlfriends. See the full story [HERE]. It was sheer luck that I managed to score a hat with a monogrammed “C”.  Who doesn’t have a monogram addiction? Wouldn’t it be lovely to start your very own monogrammed collection? Skip the handkerchiefs, perhaps with some slippers, bags and stationery? At least I can try to justify it to hubby with the “cost-per-use/wear” excuse since his name also starts with C…

How do you feel about Monogrammed pieces?

如果你的记忆力很棒,可能你还记得在[本贴]里这华丽的背景。这些古色古香的家具正好当作这套戏剧性的时装。我好爱这条Karen Millen长裙,我的宝宝肚几乎完全消失时了。怀孕的女士们,我可以给你最好的时装建议是:无论你穿什么,想着“长与瘦”。这样你所有的时尚选择都会很惊艳。这个羊毛帽是我与一些博客朋友们去Mornington半岛旅途度假路上在二手店里掏到的。还记得那些照片吗?这是纯粹的运气,我不敢相信我获得了一顶“C”字母的帽子。你喜欢花押字的时装吗?无论鞋子,箱包或文具, 若它们有你的名字刻在上面,一定很个性化?至还好我丈夫的名字也由C,我们能合用很多花押字的用品…