What do you get when you cross 2 powerhouse sisters (Emily Power & Antonia Magee, Fashionista’s Australia) with their hand-picked selection of talented Australian designers at the lavish settings of the Park Hyatt, throw in a sumptuous spread of afternoon tea delights, an expertly-presented salon show and never-ending Chandon bubbles? High Fashion High Tea: a sublime way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your girlfriends!

You know how much I love eating cakes (I ate over 20 this weekend, well I lost count at 20 because I’m not a polydactyl), but it was the bite-sized gourmet sandwiches at the Park Hyatt caught me by surprise, they were so fresh and uniquely-prepared. Good thing other ladies on my table thought the same, or else I’d have eaten all of them (Tehehe). I was thrilled to finally catch up with Phoebe and Sarah and see my beloved mom-to-be, Michelle. It was a privilege to view new fashion offerings, please see below a few looks showcased from Camilla, Leonard St, Megan Park and Melbourne bag label Michaela Menichelli. Each label has a strong design signature verging on wearable art: Camilla with all of her exotic elements, Leonard St with its vibrant colours and bespoke prints, Megan Park is synonymous with artisan embroidery and each Michaela Menichelli bag is intricately hand-crafted.

DSC01142 DSC01069 DSC01156

Emily Power, host and MC of the event, in Megan Park

DSC01077 DSC01070


Megan Park, Leonard St, Camilla, Michaela Menichelli


Michaela and I with one of her distinctive designs


Megan Park, Camilla, Leoard St, Michaela Menichelli


How adorable is this Leonard St leather fox bag! Amanda’s silk scarves are so vibrant and fun too!


It was a great pleasure to meet Park Hyatt’s Sara. We bonded over reminiscing about our honeymoons in Port Douglas :)


vintage YEOHLEE Jacket & Skirt /Equipment Shirt / Vintage Earrings, Belt & Clutch / Edenborough Evans Ring / StyleTread Pumps

Fashionista’s Guide to Shopping in Melbourne is every stylish lady and gent’s must-have little pink shopping book. Created by Emily and Antonia, each page is filled with an accurate first-hand description of the go-to stores in Melbourne. For my Sydney readers, do not fret, a Fashionista’s Guide to your boutiques will be released soon! It was completely unintentional that yours truly rocked up in a matching outfit to the book, but so fitting. No wonder people looked surprised when I walked in, and here I thought it was the power of Schiaparelli’s shocking pink.