jag-1I don’t know about you, but lately I’m finding myself to be perennially sporting a post-prandial bulge. I blame it on breastfeeding, winter and cakes. To sum it up, it’s the battle of my increased metabolism and deteriorating self-control in the face of baked go(o)ds. After devouring an entire family sized apple crumble pie (that I debuted for the first time, it was Pyrex heaven), half of my husband’s 30th cake (chocolate ganache goodness that was supposed to serve 40 people), an entire 2kg tub of ice cream and countless cupcakes, cookies and brownies… I feel as though I’m pregnant again. This time, with a sugar baby.

To be honest, this ridiculous sudden increase in appetite happens to me every winter. Surely the extra weight serves as insulation against the cold and it just makes economical sense! Right?

It’s not the food per se that’s bad, well actually so much sugar surely can’t be good for anyone, but it’s the lack of self control that was the issue. But thank God, once I addressed my problem and asked Him to give me self control, I feel much more in control again. I’ve even swapped a cake date for an exercise date!

jag-3jag-5jag-4 jag-2

After the post last week about knits, I’ve definitely taken a leaf out of my own book. I’ve had this Zambesi knit for ages but only today realised how to wear the extra shawl section. It sure is cozy, not to mention breast-feeding-friendly. Guess winter is good for us after all. It gives us the perfect excuse to rug up and enjoy those hearty meals.

Where: In front of a gardenia bush

Wear: Veronica Maine Top / Zambesi Knit / Country Road Tights / Repetto Heels / Vintage Clutch, Sunglasses & Bag

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