These photos were captured right after my return flight from Sydney last week. I often get asked about how I travel, not that this was a tremendous task as it was only a short trip. Plus I had the pleasure of relaxing in the Qantas Club Lounge before my flights. Nevertheless, I do have a few things to say about travelling in style…

Wear: Vintage coat, blouse, Pauric Sweeney bag, Cartier belt, Diesel jeans, Chanel earrings.

Travel LIGHT. I refused to bring a suitcase this trip and for the first time ever, I used this Pauric Sweeney Overnight bag literally as an overnight bag!  As I only stayed for a night someone was too lazy to change into another outfit… Shock horror! Cecylia wears the same outfit 2 days in a row! But I’m sure you’ll pardon me due to the special circumstances and the fact that, if you were me, you’d want to wear this outfit again too!

Travel in COMFORT. You always feel great if you are comfortable. This also means WARMTH. I teamed a cream blouse (God helped me against the nacho stains!) with these boyfriend Diesel jeans, designed for the butt that likes to sit, and this warmer-than-life wool coat which I’ve had for over a decade. I recall it to be the only green thing I owned and just adored the lengthy pockets. If you look back at the first photo, the caption should be ‘Look! No arms!

Wear SUNSCREEN. At high altitudes, we imitate Icarus. Flying closely to the sun allows its rays to pierce our epidermal layers. I’m sure I don’t need to get science-y with this. Read my passion for SPFs here to get an idea why this blogger looks younger than her age.

DRINK UP! Of course this is water we’re talking about. H2O should be your best friend on the flight. Because we all know that the air hostess sure isn’t. No matter how much you beg and plea, she won’t give you a free upgrade. A friend of mine have asked for a business class upgrade every time she flew, not once has her wish been granted. One time I asked the air hostess to give me more food (ah fast metabolism, you are a double edged sword) and she replied: “No you can’t. I haven’t even tried this cake.’ Yes I did ask her for more dessert. So choose water, if you’re the faithful type. Otherwise, have juice, tea, or wine, especially if you want to nap…

SLEEP as much as you can. Wear a mask, ear plugs, count sheep, do whatever it takes to get some zzzzz. I confess, I love having a glass of wine and then dozing off. The desired effect is three-fold. It helps me to sleep, gives me a healthy pink glow and a smile so that when I wake up, I feel refreshed, happy and don’t even have to touch up on blush.

If you must wear trackies, make sure they’re Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, or Victoria Beckham! They’re cut for comfort and style. So all the better for you to rest in.

So if you’re off somewhere this weekend, I hope this post has helped you become determined to leave half of your luggage behind, and pack your SPF3O+ instead. Or if like me, you’re staying put, then remember these words when you pack for your next get-away: the air hostess is not your best friend. Have a sweet weekend lovelies!