JB-2 Recently I picked up this nursery rhyme (a ‘side effect’ of having a baby perhaps?) “Rain rain go away, come again another day“. What are the chances that it will rain for the entirety of this weekend as we make our way to Rye for a retreat? Highly likely apparently! Rain can certainly put a damper on things, but this adorable Jelly Beans raincoat actually makes me want to go out and sing in the rain! I love that the raincoat is both functional and serves as a fashion statement. No need to save it for a rainy day!

I am so excited to call this cozy Aquabelle apartment our home this weekend. Our itinerary will include bathing (the Peninsula Hot Springs will be out first stop. I’m so excited to take Winston to his first swim!), lounging, cooking, blogging and dining with some awesome bloggers. Showers may just provide the perfect excuse for us to be homebodies and enjoy Aquabelle to the fullest. Plus, the cold beach in June isn’t exactly enticing. So this weekend, for a change, I shall embrace the drizzle and sing “Rain rain, come again, no longer are you a pain…”
JB-3JB-4JB-1JB-6JB-5To be kept up to date with our adventures, please follow us on Instagram (@cecyliadotcom). If you’re familiar with the area, please send us your recommendations for Rye! Have a gorgeous weekend lovelies!

Where: In Front of a Lawn Bowling Club

Wear: Jelly Beans Raincoat / Vintage Everything Else

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