Vintage shades (more styles here) / Roy jacket / Spijkers en Spijkers dress / Michael Kors shoes

Which would you pick? City or country? Although I’ve been to the countrysides many times, it was only on this trip I’ve finally fallen in love with the rural idyllilic scapes of the outback. Maybe I’m turning more Aussie, but the uncongested roads, friendly neighbourhoods, picturesque surroundings and surprise visitors from nature (I spotted over a dozen species of Aussie fauna on this journey!) were the perfect substitute for my ridiculously animated lifestyle. A change in tempo is always good for the soul.

All the places we have visited on our journey have exceeded our expectations. That delicious dinner at Royal Mail Hotel still haunts my palate, I can’t seem to shake off my silly grin from our super fun adventures at Sovereign Hill, how I long to return to the paddle boat ride on the Eildon and once again indulge in that panoramic view of Bonnie Doon…maybe this is how I fell in love with the countryside. This beautiful spot was where we stayed on the third night of our Hyundai Australia brilliant road trip. The owners of the place have dogs, cats, horses, cows and a bird that dances… I promise you the footage in tomorrow’s blog post. So to match, I threw on a Spijkers en Spijkers pinafore dress with modern lines, serene greeen hue and a red-eyed origami bird and posed with a few of my favourite things, the Veloster and a Chihuahua.

I’m so grateful to Hyundai Australia for this fun-filled and stylish adventure. Turns out, thanks to my sweet hubby, that this road trip marks the 10 year anniversary of our first date. He sure has a better memory than me! What amazing timing! You’ve seen photos of Theodore and I, but did you know that I actually brought an entire enourage with me on this brilliant road trip?

 [Click Video to see the answer to this rhetorical question]