Who knew that just one exit after that which led to 2 years of my unglamorous uni life would reveal a glorious world of grandeur and picturesque perfection? Mansion Hotel & Spa at Werribee Park hosts decadent high teas every week for culture aficianados. Honestly, is there a better way to spend Sunday afternoons surrounded by luxury, antiquity and beauty?

The morning started with heavy downpour, but by lunchtime there was not a cloud in the sky, cheers Lord! After being misled by Google Maps and hubby many times, we finally arrived at the manicured grounds. Note to self, bring jazz CDs next time for the drive.

Kyra (Pybus PR), the darling event fairy she is, with equal parts the charm of Marie Antoinette and the allure of Alice (de Wonderland), delighted us with a divine reception on the Mansion’s lofty balcony. The afternoon composed of fluttering with fashion’s finest, sipping luxurious blends by T2, sampling pretty petit-fours, and smiling sweetly at countless cameras.


Christina Exie (in Christina Exie) and I (in vintage & Tom Gunn heels)

3 sweet bloggers: Chloe, Connie & Sushi

Daniella (Founder of Goldie Jewellery) & Marcus

Shiva, Velco, Kyra, Robert & Brem (co-owner of Swoon)

Leeyong (in her own creation!) & Sarah

The fairest of them all: Marianne, resplendent in vintage

Chloe & I, windblown, and desperately holding down our skirts

Lady Melbourne, Phoebe Montague, rocking it in sequins

Iolanthe & I, trying to stand as straight and tall as possible to match Annabelle …

And of course, the photographic evidence of my rebellion. No one was allowed to ‘touch’ the artefacts in the Mansion but technically, sliding a pair of shades onto a statue isn’t classified as ‘touching’, is it? By breaking the law doing this, not only have I have further modernized the Mansion and revealed the scale of these busts: life-size, I have also revolutionized a new way to display frames. You can arrest thank me later!


 The epitome of modern elegance!