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by cecylia on August 28, 2012

These past few days I’ve been learning and reporting from Fashion Exposed, Melbourne’s annual fashion trade event hosted at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. It’s been a great privilege to hear fashion insiders talk about exciting trends occurring in the digital space, interesting consumer behaviour, alluring key trends for Autumn/Winter 12/13, and to meet new designers!

这几天我从墨尔本的服装购买展览会Fashion Exposed学到了很多。我非常荣幸能听到服装业界的人物谈论关于时尚顾客的心理学,他们的网用习惯,和下个冬季的服装特色,最棒的是认识新的服装设计师!

One Melbourne label I’m became besotted with is A Part of Me, the winner of Debut‘s Best Apparel Award. Melbourne designed and made, by Kate Brook (who looks exactly like a friend of mine) and Kajsa Kvernmo, their sweet collection is not only adorable, wearable, sustainable, but it is a cut above. The perfect balance of childlike innocence and masterful tailoring, A Part of Me consists of modern silhouettes in exquisite shapes, luxurious fabrics and rich autumn palettes. Think structured shift dresses, silk button-up shirts, felted tops in wool and silk, pleated leather skater skirts, and my favourite, the black leather shirt. I chat to the designers about the origins of A Part of Me and their collection. (This is my first ever video interview, so I apologize beforehand for 1)my Left index being in the way 2)my incessant verbal agreements and 3)uncontrollable giggles). Enjoy!

我特别爱上其中一个墨尔本的服装品牌A Part of Me‘译:我的一部分’,Debut的最佳服装奖获奖者。Kate Brook 和Kajsa Kvernmo,一对可爱的女设计师,她们的衣服都是墨尔本制作的。不但漂亮,容易穿,对环境友好,而且裁缝技巧很深。她们的衣服带着烂漫的童心,又含着高超的剪裁技能。我的一部分衣服由现代的剪影,精致的形状,豪华的面料和丰富的秋色制作。这个系列中有结构性的连衣裙,真丝领头衬衫,由羊毛和丝绸创作的上衣, 皮革的溜冰式短裙,还有我最爱的,黑皮夹衬衫。我问这对设计师她们品牌和名字来源,她们说因为她们很爱民间和童话故事,而且希望她们所设计的衣服能成为穿者的一部分。这是我的第一部录像博客,请大家多多指教,对不起录像里我的手指堵住了一点镜头,我一直点头赞成她们所说的每一句话,和我停不住的笑声。。。

Check out A Part of Me and their blog here!


Caroline L. August 28, 2012 at 12:00 pm

I love the silk blouse in the picture!

cecylia August 28, 2012 at 4:56 pm

me too! The houses are illustrated by a Melbourne artist- so clever!

am2pmChic August 28, 2012 at 4:02 pm

That printed top is super cute.


Mica August 28, 2012 at 10:00 pm

They sounds like such lovely people, the video interview was a great idea! :) Giggled a little at your finger on the lens – totally the kind of thing I would do!


Cassandra August 28, 2012 at 11:25 pm

Really like the video interview! :D:D

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nika August 29, 2012 at 6:58 am

Lovely interwiev :) and i really like your blog and the design of it! nice :)

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