Where: in front of the decrepit house again

Wear: pretty much the same as this post

The beauty of having your birthday in the middle of the week is that somehow, quite naturally, your birthday morphs into a “birthday-week”. It’s been almost a decade since I indulged in this great phenomenon (not since my teenage years!) so I feel extremely pampered this year. Monday I styled a shoot and had hot pot with my parents, Tuesday I worked a 12 hour day at the vets, Wednesday was cheese-and-wine-day, yesterday was retail by day and dinner with besties by night, thanks to the divine Greek cuisine at Aspro Ble, and today I’m attending a launch and then vetting. This week has been perfect. It contains fragments of all the best elements of my life. Absolutely splendid. Thank you Lord for amazing friends and doting family members!

Remember I said that ”Now if you think that I’m only going to wear this skirt as a skirt, then you have another thing coming…” in the previous post? Well here is the other way to wear this wool skirt. A wool skirt can always double as a dress, if the waist band is elastic. In actual fact, I love this more as a dress than a skirt. What about you?  These mushroom-like wedges by were souvenirs from Milan, by Jil Sander, another minimalist. Do you like them?

What are you up to this weekend lovelies?  I’ll be cuddling kitties and puppies and probably injecting them all weekend. Have a great one!

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