One of the detrimental effects of birthday-week is the over-indulgence of food (even on the 7th day I ate more cheese and curry laksa), ah yes the double-edge sword that satiates ones taste-buds but also  saturates the waist band…and so I present to you: What-Cecylia-Wears-When-She-is-Feeling-Fat. An outfit in one colour! I was a little upset that I didn’t have shoes in royal blue, don’t you think that these Carven beauties would have nailed this outfit further? And yes, my necklace is made from nails.


So to the lovely reader who asked a friend of mine ‘Is Cecylia really that tall in real life?’, this outfit is dedicated to you. When one wears one colour head-almost-to-toe, one appears leaner and longer. But hey, standing next to a tiny dog in heels also helps.

Where: Visiting Finessence Photography

Wear: Vintage necklace, jumper, pants, Christian Dior bag, Miss Sixty heels, Edenborough Evans ring

Oh and if you fancy some more reading, my dear friends Jess of What Would Karl Do and Cheryl of BusinessChic and I are featured in The Weekly Review today, you can view the full article here. Thank you Jane Rocca for the great write-up. Enjoy your day lovelies!

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