If you hanged out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter yesterday you may deduced that the 4th of July is my birthday. Yes Mrs Independent. Thank you so much for your wonderful birthday wishes, it was ironic that many of you wished that I got ‘spoilt rotten’! Because I didn’t get to celebrate it last year, hubby┬ácompletely┬áspoilt me. Rotten! When I say rotten, I mean in a food-coma way. We got a day off together and journeyed to the far far away land of gourmet goodness, Yarra Valley. Thank God for beautiful day, a bit of sun and a bit of rain, and overall a lot of fun. First stop was a ‘cheesery’ (I just made this word up) where the consumption of many cheeses was strongly encouraged. You’ll be proud of me, I didn’t eat a single cake during brunch (so I just took a photo of it) because the cheese was so velvety smooth it was hard to stop. Next (ie, immediately afterwards), we overindulged in a 3 course lunch (pork belly->blue eye->dessert platter) which rocked my taste buds and impregnated me with a food baby. Totally worth it.

Where: Yarra Valley Dairy and then Yering Station

Wear: Vintage shirt, leather vest, cameo brooch, Sarah Conners clutch, Hermes belt, Diesel jeans, Habbot booties

“All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.” George Harrison

Easier said than done George!