The avant-garde-loving fashion crowd flocked to Shu a few nights ago to support the launch of Melbourne designer Adam Tsen’s AW12 collection. Amongst the sea of black silhouettes and magenta lips, TSEN showcased his exquisite wool pieces. I always knew that Adam was talented, but boy was I in for a shock.

His sharp tailoring and striking designs had me in awe. Believe it or not, I’m actually quite critical when it comes to designs, almost anal when it comes to the details: the cut, the material and the execution of the garment. But there was only laudation and adoration for his collection. Aside from Adam’s breath-taking show, Shu provided first-class canapés that I couldn’t stop chomping down, despite already having a 2 course dinner before-hand… *oink*

Coat-hanger Installation

Hitomi, in Rachel Zoe; Freya, in Spijkers en Spijkers blouse (from my previous boutique)

Lisa from, in TSEN

Dasha looking stunning at every angle

Again, I had to dash to the event after work (I recently started working for Lisa Ho), so I missed out on putting together a noir outfit that Rick Owens would have approved. For someone who rarely touches black, I did try, for Adam’s sake, to find some dark pieces to wear.Was tossing up between a leather Preen dress and a vintage ruffled silk frock that Karl Lagerfeld would have approved, but logistics got in the way, so I just had to come, as is, in my work uniform cum a Zara coat.  At least I think Lisa Ho approves.

Congratulations Adam, TSEN is going to take you places.

Where: Shu, 147 Johnston St Collingwood

Wear: Zara coat, Lisa Ho dress, vintage earrings, brooch, Karla Spetic clutchFendi boots