The 3 Musketrix- Jess, Micah and I

After a long day working at my friend’s Johnston St Vet Clinic (it is the coolest clinic I’ve ever set foot in! For the whole day I was in awe of his awesome practice), I changed in the car on the way (thank God for dark nights) to Melbourne Town Hall to attend Melbourne Spring Fashion Week’s Opening Gala. This vintage dress was an acquisition made on the basis of ‘one-day-I’ll-wear-this’ theory, and after 10 lonesome years, that day/night finally came! And what a night, oh my!

Deputy Lord Mayor Susan Riley introducing the 4 Faces of MSFW

With 2 of my favourite people: ACMI Film Curator James and Creative Extraordinaire Glenda

Wait for it...Dessert. Buffet!

Super Stylish Becky of Neo Dia, Pamela Usanto and Jane Hayes

Andrej Pejić is in da house!

Guess how many oysters are in the tub!

Everyone wants a picture of Christine and Connel!

Kids. Don't try this at home.

Nathan from Limedrop and I; Chic ladies with hair I want


Dean Drieberg, Catherine Leon and Louise Van De Vorst

Barry Morgan on the Organ

Too handsome for words: Jesse of Raww and Richard Nylon, Dajana and I

Melbourne sure knows how to throw a party. Who knew that the majestic Melbourne Town Hall could be transformed into such a visual and culinary spectacular! If a dessert buffet, (yes the 2 most beautiful words in the English language), full of macarons, petite fours and chocolate coated strawberries was not enough, a fresh oyster and sushi bar that seemed to be self-replenishing (by our amazing caterer family friends), as well as an operatic overture complete with ball-gown-clad-singers (soprano, mezzo and alto, methinks), followed by svelte acrobats capable of the most impossible stances (the photos are pretty self-explanatory), a dramatic organ performace by Barry Morgan that was both glorious and hilarious (I nearly choked on some cheesecake), as well as a big band whose delightful tunes infected everyone’s hips with a condition known as ‘the swings’. Fabulous food, music, champagne, speeches, a well-dressed crowd and dancing. It felt like I was at the poshest wedding in town.

And now, Melbourne is about to embark on one of its most cultured and colourful weeks of the year. I am so honoured to be a part of it. Remember to check out the fashion week schedule here for all the dazzling events, and ACMI for a series of inspiring fashion films. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@cecyliadotcom) for front-row broadcasts!