I could not believe my luck when I got to meet the gorgeous Anna Plunkett from Romance was Born at the exhibition opening of their collaboration with Karen Woodbury gallery’s artist Kate Rohde. The unique installation of spectacle showcased sculpture, clothing, wall-paper, fabric and accessories. The inspiration behind the fantasy artwork is from dinaosaurs, deers and antelopes.

I have been a fan of Romance for years. I love Anna’s quirky style, she’s Australia’s Zooey Deschanel. She is a rare mix of beauty and brains. Here she is wearing a Hermes scarf turban, Gail Sorronda dress and Therese Rawthorne cardigan. I really want to learn to wear head gear too! Something that really amazed me that night was when Anna told me that she and Luke and design everything for themselves. They create what they love, they don’t complicate their fantastical ideas by imagining what their ideal customer would like. They just make what they adore, their art is pure. Perhaps it’s because of this that they have a cult following and are considered the best pair of avant-garde designers of this century.

The collection was called ‘Renaissance Dinosaur’, you will see the fantastical creatures below. The resin wall plaques are  stunning.

I love the wall paper! It was made into a silk T shirt dress and a tote bag. How cute are the owls! ‘Hoot Hoot!’ Each modern dino is ravishing.

There were a few head pieces on show. I don’t know how many people can wear them…maybe to a fancy dress party. This hat reminds me of Dragon dancing during Chinese New Year.

Wearing a vintage top, blazer, De Denim jeans, Miss Sixty pumps and Jerome Dreyfuss bag. This is the best head piece, you can probably wear it to a Cos Play party. I thought of Neliel from Bleach as soon as I saw it, must be the horns.

It’s no wonder Romance was Born is so popular in Japan as well. Their pieces are wearable pieces of art. They are designers, they are also artists.