Photos by The Eternal Headonist

I scored this midi skirt at an op shop in Sydney during fashion week earlier in the year. It may not be designer, but it sure is a keeper. This 40s cream felt cap by Hattie Carnegie on the other hand, is a mint-condition vintage piece from The Eternal Headonist. The mannequin wears the hat much better. For some reason I was so fascinated by the little flap that I thought it would be a good idea to pretend I had an extra ear. Guess I just wanted to make sure that you could see the beaded velvet leaf. The beads look like little grains of raw sugar.

Since we’re on the topic of sugar, I’m proud to tell you that I’ve abstained from the sweet substance for a full week now. This is quite a feat for me because I used to eat entire family blocks of chocolate, whole packets of lollies or entire cakes on a daily basis. I heavily relied on sugar as a pick-me-up from being tired. Working long hours as a vet and waking up multiple times during the night to a hungry baby took their toll quite quickly. And it didn’t take long for me to become addicted, big time. But thank God, now that I’ve learnt to control my sweet tooth, I feel so much more clear-minded and energized. Let’s just see how long the dry spell last…

How about you? Have you ever tried giving up something before?

Where: At The Eternal Headonist Studio

Wear: Vintage Everything & Habbot Pumps

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