As you know, I just enterred one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking adventures of my lifetime: MOTHERHOOD. So here are a few things that I think will aid the transition from fashion blogger to first-time mother smoothly. See if you agree or not :)

rosario gown

1 Rosamosario Lace Dressing Gown: Now this should be the unofficial uniform of all bedroom bloggers! A plunging neckline that is both flattering and grants easy access to baby – check. Long sleeves that help disguise arms that avoided weights training for 9 months- check. A luxurious and practical waist tie that hides a post-partum tummy- check. Baby blues won’t come knocking on my door if I sashay around the house in this little lacy number. Plus, I won’t ever need to get changed again (think of it with the cost-per-wear concept!). A little black slip underneath will see me glide from nursery to red carpet.


2 Sarah Conners Carmella Ballet Flats: super cosy to wear at home and chic to walk work the pram in. The hide is so soft, it’s like wearing pets on your feet! Plus, monochrome is high up on the trend list right now and let’s face it, tonal will never date.

hermes watch

3 Hermes Heure H Watch: We all know that nursing a newborn is no easy feat. So I will need as much help as I can get. Aside from trusty breast pumps and a hungry baby, there is nothing that can make the entire experience more pleasant than this sleek Hermes timepiece. Because we all know that every minute counts…to snooze.


fornasetti candle

4 Fornasetti Candle: Hand-poured in Milan, this divine candle is every boudoir’s must-have. The perfumed fragrance will be my first line of defence against nasty nappy scents and I can think of plenty uses for this gorgeous jar.

_I4C2727 (2)

5 Habbot Tribeca Polka Dot pumps: the perfect party heels for Christmas! Just looking at them makes me want to boogie! Let’s dance baby!


livia arena dissolving dress

6 Livia Arena Dissolving Dress: To be honest, I’ve been eyeing this LWD (Little White Dress) for some time now, but my baby bump prevented me from even coveting it. The silhouette is not too taxing for the post-baby bod and it is so sleek and chic. I’m drawn to both the purity of shape and the modern treatment of the fabric. It’s going to be a white Christmas! I’ll just have to keep bub and chocolate icecream away from it…Estella1_grande

7 Jacki Anderson Estella Bag: the ultimate day-to-night shoulder bag. The clean lines and the gold chain add luxurious elements to this very versatile bag. This little beauty will go with everything in my wardrobe and make me look organized and in control even when I’m sleep-deprived and feeling delirious.



christmas post

8 Feathers pink Cape Dress: I haven’t found a dress that makes me feel both ladylike and powerful at the same time. Created with the hue-of-the-moment, dusty pink, this dress will guarantee confidence and allure aplenty. Plus I will feel more like a professional blogger wearing this at home whilst juggling changing bub’s nappies.


9 Kim Victoria Peak Rings: how does one chose from gold, silver and rose gold? Well I won’t have to with this triple stack. These organic shapes are inspired by the majestic Swiss Alps, which remain to be my favourite holiday memories with hubby.




10 A Macaron Tower from LuxBite: channel Marie Antoinette this festive season with a colourful and delightful tower of delicate French desserts. Plus, it almost doubles as an edible Christmas tree!

Since my knowledge of motherhood is close to zero, I’d love to hear your pearls of wisdom on the subject. How did you survive the first month of motherhood?