A wise friend once told me: Having style is not just about having good clothes, it’s a lifestyle. The older I get, the more I understand this truth. When one truly has style, it’s in every inch of their being. Their wardrobe, their home, their habits, even their character, are all mere reflections of their lifestyle.

When I read my favourite bloggers’ posts, what appeals to me the most is not their amazing clothes, their styling, or their amazing looks, it’s their lives. How do they live so they can look like that? That’s the resounding question. Is it their outlook? The choices they make? Their balanced lifestyle?

Call me silly but I’m starting to believe that in order to achieve ‘lifestyle’, you need ‘life’ and then ‘style’. I have to get my life balanced first before I can work on my style. After years of over-indulging in rich foods, fine wines and countless cakes, it was only recently when someone labelled me as an ‘aspiring diabetic’ (and that sickening feeling you get when you can’t fit into your favourite jeans…) that finally woke up the dormant health-conscious nut in me.

So when Oriental Tea House contacted me about their Tea Appreciation Masterclass, I knew it would be too worthwhile an event to not invite all of my blogger friends. Not only do we enjoy the fine mix of food and fashion, more importantly, we learn to balance our busy lives through the countless benefits of tea, oriental style.


David Zhou, owner of Oriental Tea House teaching us the Art of Tea

“Smile Pretties!” Marianne & Sam

The ridiculously stunning Wanda & I

“Oriental Glamour!” Kirby (Style Hunter)

Snap Happy with Iolanthe, Marianne & Sam

“Sitting Pretty!” Rachel (Meet Me On the Street) & Sabina

Can you guess the Dress Code for the event?

“Cheers!” Sarah & Leeyong

Kyra (obsessed with her Marni heels!) / I’m wearing Vintage coat, blouse, necklace, belt, jewellery, Amy Kaehne shorts, Sonia Rykiel shoes

It seems that after attending the Tea Appreciation Masterclass I’ve not only come to appreciate tea, but also health and life more. Drinking tea encourages a calmer and more relaxing lifestyle. Even the ‘ritual’ of preparing, brewing, pouring and drinking tea is such an art form. We learnt to “teatox” via drinking various teas with different healing properties for health, skin, weight, concentration, de-stressing…who knew that drinking tea can be such a gentle yet effective way to rebalance the body!

David Zhou, owner of Oriental Tea House enlightened us with his extensive knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine principles which I cannot wait to apply to my own life. I hope that in the coming weeks you will see me lead a more balanced life, perhaps even exude more style, and who knows? Maybe I’ll finally have that harmonious lifestyle I’ve forever yearned for and finally fit back into my favourite jeans…