If I asked you what elegance was, what would you say? ‘A refined quality of gracefulness and good taste‘? Yes, that’d be the dictionary-perfect answer. But as style-lovers, we all know that elegance is much more than that.

Elegance is balance. Harmonious proportions in one’s garments is the epitome of style. The most elegant clothes are glamorous but are also versatile and wearable. The most elegant collections are reminiscent of the past but are ready for the future. The most elegant outfits are carefully planned yet have an air of nonchalance. The most elegant icons are utterly feminine but also have the refreshing characters of a tomboy. Being able to enjoy work and relish play, loving food like an Italian but eating it like the French, a balanced lifestyle is also a key ingredient of elegance.

Elegance is an attitude. What lies beneath the sheath brings us closer to the heart of elegance. What she wears is just as important as what adorns her skin. Her confidence, her poise, her eloquence, her beliefs, her charisma, her passion, her scent, are just a few alluring factors of the elegant lady. I’ve always believed that ‘the body is more important than clothes’ (Matthew 6:25). For elegance is an inherent quality, it is intimate, original and natural. It is not dependent on season, generation, or chronology.

Elegance is timeless. Starlets from a century ago continue to charm and seduce, designers from a bygone era maintain their influence. Their impact is enduring, their splendour, immortal. Since antiquity, a woman’s worth (apologies to any feminists reading this) lies in her allurement and sophistication.

Elegance is an essence. The essence of a lady who knows herself, and the world around her. I often describe my style as ‘quirky elegance’ because I am quirky (and I wear a leather heart around my neck, anatomically correct and all…) but I strive for elegance. It may be the quest of a lifetime, but elegance is worth the chase.

Where: Shangri La Sydney

Wear: Vintage dress, Baron Y neckpiece, vintage bag, Lanvin shoes

How do you describe your style?