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by cecylia on July 17, 2013


When I was young I never thought I would get married, and I definitely never dreamed I would have kids.  Unfortunately, that means that all of the wonderful advice about pregnancy and parenthood that found its way to my ears over the years passed right on through.

There are heaps of resources on the internet about what you’re not supposed to eat or do when you’re pregnant (some of which need to be read with a grain of salt) but what I’m really interested in is how all the stylish women in my life coped with carrying around an extra accessory for 9 months.

That’s why I’m planning the Yummy Mummy Series, where I interview some of my favourite bloggers and fashionistas about their tips and tricks to get me through the next 20 weeks.  Yesterday I caught up with one of my yummy mummy besties Jess (What Would Karl Do) at Capital Kitchen and picked her brains for some pearls of wisdom about how she stayed healthy and stylish.

Jess tried to eat as healthy as she could. She confessed that her two favourite cravings included peanut butter and jam on toast and plenty of orange juice.

Walking as much as possible was very important for Jess. Not only is the light exercise good for cardio but you can also use it as an excuse for some window shopping :) Jess also recommends Bumps Pilates, which she enjoyed twice weekly.

Jess highly recommend stocking up on stockings and stretchy dresses.  Metalicus is well known for their “one size fits all” dresses designed using its signature stretchy material.  Jess also shopped at Seed and Witchery for dresses one size up from her original size.

Jess says: “Don’t lose your style just because you’re becoming a mother.”

Obviously comfort is still key, so the mantra is to be fashionably comfortable. One great trend to embrace at the moment as a pregnant lady is Monochrome. But don’t forget also to inject pops of colour to brighten your day.

Any other tips?
Another way to treat yourself whilst pregnant is to have pregnancy massages, they’re wonderful indulgences. And try Gaia Natural Baby Massage oil to keep your tummy skin soft!

Timely advice indeed! Thanks Jess for sharing with us these practical tips. I can’t wait to get more tights for winter!


这就是为什么我打算开始这个“漂亮妈妈系列”,我会采访一些时尚博客妈妈们,问她们的技巧和窍门,让我接下来的20周能够有一些启发。昨天我正巧有机会与我的好朋友Jess 吃中饭,因此有机会问她她在怀孕其间是如何保持健康与时尚的。

Jess 很健康,她不吃零食。但她坦白说,她最喜欢的两个欲食是花生酱和果酱的面包和大量的橙汁。

Jess 尽可能就去走动,运动非常重要,不仅对心肺功能良好,而且你可以用它作为借口,去窗口购物:),Jess 也建议怀孕普拉提,她每周去参加两次。

Jess 强烈建议我们穿丝袜和弹性礼服。 Metalicus是众所周知用弹性材料作的衣服,即舒服又时髦。Jess 也喜欢SeedWitchery。她才大了一个尺寸。

Jess 说:“不要因为你将成为一个母亲而失去你的风格。”



确实是及时的咨询!感谢Jess 与我们分享这些实用的技巧!

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am2pmchic July 17, 2013 at 12:44 pm

Great post, & great interview. I really enjoy to read it.



Mica July 17, 2013 at 6:40 pm

Love Jess’ blog! :)

Hope you are enjoying this new life stage Cecylia :)


Sara GB July 19, 2013 at 5:46 am
Soon Maternity July 24, 2013 at 11:56 am

Very practical advice! We think Jess had amazing pregnancy style, especially when she wore Soon Maternity ;P


Yep, that was a blatant plug for us but honestly we only work with ladies who have great personal style!
Keep the yummy mummy series going.

Team Soon x


cecylia July 24, 2013 at 4:35 pm

lol perhaps I need to contact you soon! xx


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