As stated in this post, I’m quite picky when it comes to choosing clothes (surprise surprise!). I adore most trends and each season there are lust-have pieces that I have my eyes peeled for. But I’m hard to please. Is it lined? Is it a natural fabric? How will it wear? Do the colours compliment me? Will it go with my wardrobe, with at least 3 things I already own? Despite having such a strict criteria for every pre-owned piece, my closet is still colossal. So really, the fastidious precautions are actually part of my wardrobe’s self-defence mechanism. Or maybe it’s become xenophobic over time… I don’t know. Anyway, I’ve been hunting for a good parka these past 2 years. The closest one was almost perfect but it had a lingering thrifting smell (a downside of second-hand shopping). But as you know, life is full of surprises. And so last week, I found The One.

Where: Dancing in the rain

Wear: Vintage leather parka (similar ones here and here), silk blouse (last seen here, similar one here), self-made necklace, Nudie jeans, vintage belt  & shoes

My new khaki parka is so soft I could sleep with it, it has an Oriental-themed lining, more pockets than my hands require, and a fur-trimmed hood! Why have just a parka, when you can have it in leather? It’s like killing 2 birds with one stone, or should I be more positive and say feeding 2 birds with one worm? You can pick your version of the glass full/empty philosophy. Either way, the designer was a genius and obviously knew about the concept of symbiosis. LEATHER. PARKA. Oh yeah.

And now, onto the next pieces on my list, a varsity jacket, silk pajamas, and a white blazer…

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