skivvy-2Have you ever heard of the saying “No outfit is complete without pet hair“? I’m sure it was invented by an animal lover or someone without a lint roller. It certainly has been my excuse when I used to dash after work from the veterinary surgery to a fashion event. One of the disadvantages of getting changed in the car is that it’s almost impossible to escape unscathed from pet fluff. And why is it that people who own light-coloured dogs love wearing black?

I never thought that I’d ever wear a loose top with a loose skirt. That’s like breaking fashion’s oldest rule about balance and proportion. It’s style sacrilege! Always team something loose with something tight. In the past, I would not be seen in public without a belt. But thanks to all the recent slouchy and laid-back vibes on the catwalk, my post-baby waist can also relax a bit.

skivvy-4 skivvy-5skivvy-1

And the best part about this ensemble is that this oversized turtleneck belongs to my hubby. So always search your man’s wardrobe before you fly off to make a new purchase. You never know what you may find!

Where: In a Dog Friendly Park

Wear: Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses / Hubby’s Turtleneck / Vintage Earrings & Skirt / Jerome Dreyfuss Bag / Robert Robert Heels

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