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by cecylia on July 4, 2014


There’s never been a better time to be a man in Melbourne. A metro, stylish, fashionister. Although my husband refuses to accept a label as such, his clean-shaven baby-smooth face proves him otherwise. So when I found out that a new concept store ‘Men’s Biz’ opened up shop in Melbourne’s Royal Arcade, I couldn’t’ help but indulge him in a few well-presented man products. The packaging is phenomenal! Plus, turns out that I can use the Men’s Biz products too! Luckily for me, hubby doesn’t mind sharing…DSC00127Photo taken at Aquabelle  Apartment 7

I like my beauty products just like my clothes: multi-functional, with minimal fuss. These are my current favourites, clockwise from left:

Geo. F. Trumper Almond shaving cream – aside from its obvious purpose, did you know that you can also use shaving cream to clean your jewellery, remove carpet stains and prevent squeaky hinges? Plus, I’m a little addicted to the nutty fragrance!

Dovo Manicure Kit – it’s hard to go past anything in a leather pouch. Being a veterinary surgeon I need to have short nails at all times. Plus, these little scissors are the only ones that give me good enough control to cut Baby’s teeny nails!

Tom Ford Wild Ginger Lipstick – meet my BFF, sidekick, partner in crime, whatever you like to call it. A few dabs across the cheeks, this trusty rouge also works as a blush.

Geo. F. Trumper Limes Deoderant – once again, the packaing is to die for. And don’t get me started on the zesty scent!

Malin & Goetz lip moisturizer – just as its name suggests, this thick and clear lipbalm gives your chaps a gorgeous sheen and also works as an eyebrow tamer.

NARS Blush – the rosy tint provides a natural flush and makes me look more alive. It also doubles as an eye shadow.

Kevin Aucoin Volume Mascara – aka my Magic wand! Its small brush is perfect for my ‘typical’ short Asian lashes as it really lengthens them. I don’t leave home without applying 2 coats of it. Plus, it comes off in the shower without the need for any makeup remover. Sch-weet!

What are your favourite beauty and grooming products? Do share!

Chinese Translation (Click below to read)


Geo F. Trumper杏仁剃须膏 – 除了其明显的目的,你知道,你也可以用刮胡膏清洁你的首饰,去除地毯上的污渍,防止吱吱作响的铰链?另外,我有点上瘾的坚果香味!

Dovo修甲套装 – 作为一位兽医,我的指甲随时随地都得是短的。另外,这小剪刀是唯一我能为宝宝的指甲剪的!

Tom Ford口红 - 我最好的朋友,搭档,伙伴。 而且,它还能当腮红用。

Geo.F. Trumper 身香膏 – 那包装好美。柠檬味道好棒!

Malin & Goetz唇膏-这厚厚的润唇膏给你的嘴唇一层光亮,也可以用来涂眉毛。

NARS 胭脂- 自然的玫瑰色,让皮肤看起来更有活力。它同时也作为眼影。

Kevin Aucoin毛膏 – 我的“魔杖”!它的小刷子最适合我’典型的’亚洲短睫毛。我不涂它不离开家。最棒的是,淋浴时就会脱落,不需要涂去眼化装品药水



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Nilu Yuleena Thapa July 5, 2014 at 8:09 am

Great post! I’m craving to get my hands on the NARS blush too!
Love Nilu Yuleena,
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cecylia July 23, 2014 at 1:18 pm

isn’t it divine? I love the matte packaging too!


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