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by cecylia on June 30, 2014

cecylia-fitzroy-facebook-29 When my lovely friend and photographer extraordinaire Jason de Plater came to Melbourne recently for a whirlwind trip, we caught up for some happy snaps one day. In fact, we took these just before I headed to work at Johnston Street Vet Clinic. You know you’ve got a good job when you can take your pet to work. I bought this navy jumpsuit from a random shop in Paris many years ago now, but it continues to be one of the hardest working pieces in my wardrobe. I wore it last year with a ruffled blouse [HERE] and with a pink blazer 4 years ago [HERE]. This time round, you may recognize the cream Stella & Minx turtleneck from this post.

cecylia-fitzroy-facebook-24 cecylia-fitzroy-facebook-12 cecylia-fitzroy-facebook-6 cecylia-fitzroy-facebook-32 cecylia-fitzroy-facebook-34   “I’m on Instagram!” – You can be Theodore’s friend at @TheodoreKeececylia-fitzroy-facebook-33cecylia-fitzroy-facebook-35cecylia-fitzroy-facebook-45cecylia-fitzroy-facebook-46

Photos by Jason de Plater

I feel so privileged to be a vet. In no other job do you get to spend time with cute pets and play detective at the same time. Since pets can’t speak, sometimes I feel a little like Sherlock Holmes! There’s a lot to be learned about an animal’s body language. And not to mention you get to be a GP, pharmacist, dentist, surgeon and psychologist all in one day!

In other news, Theodore has his own Instagram account now! Follow his furry adventures at @TheodoreKee and our somewhat silly and stylish shenanigans at @CecyliaDotCom!

Where: Frolicking around Johnston Street Veterinary Clinic

Wear: Jumpsuit from Paris (no brand) / Stella & Minx Polo / Jacki Anderson Tote & Vintage Clutch / Habbot Pumps

Chinese Translation (Click below to read)

最近当我的朋友摄影师Jason De Plater来墨尔本的时候,我们碰面拍了一些照。那天,正好是我去兽医诊所上班之前。我很感恩能带我的宠物去上班。 这件连身裤我是好几年在巴黎买的,但它依然很时髦。去年在[这里]我穿它配了这件白衬衫,在[这里]我几年前配了这件粉红色的西装外套。这次,我穿了Stella & Minx 的高领毛衣,可能你在这里已经见到过了。 我很荣幸能当一名兽医​​。没有其他工作你能天天与可爱的宠物在一起,并同时当‘侦探’。由于宠物不会说,我必须很仔细地观察动物的身体语言,有时我觉得有点像福尔摩斯!更不要说当兽医也意味到你得当一位医生,药剂师,牙医,外科医生和心理学家! 没有无聊的一天!

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Mica June 30, 2014 at 9:08 am

haha I love that Theo has his on instagram! I am of course following now :)

That jumpsuit looks great on you, really nice layered :) Was going to leave a comment about how jealous I am that I can’t bring Cooper to work, but I guess as a stay at home mum now I kinda do that everyday, haha!


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