I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Highpoint’s Fashion Precinct on Thursday morning. Visiting my childhood stomping ground brought back memories of giggles at The Pancake Parlour and gatherings outside Hoyts cinemas. Those glorious teenage days! Highpoint has just taken the wraps off an entire mall’s worth of fashion retailing goodness including a new 14,000 square metre David Jones, Topshop and Zara as well as more international and Australian labels than you can poke a stiletto at.

DSC00766 As part of the launch, Highpoint invited the Poppy Disney to host the launch and will base the celebrations at the centre over the next four weeks on Poppy’s four key trends for AW13.  I love having something new to look forward to!

DSC00751 Of course, I’m not one to take the latest trends lying down (unless I’m posing in some heritage-listed grass) so here’s a sneaky peek of some of my trend-with-a-twist outfits from my stay at Mansion Hotel & Spa at Werribee Park last weekend. Hopefully they will also inspire you just in time for LMFF next week. In true Highpoint style, I’m going to be posting these outfits over the next few weeks – which is amazing because I usually can’t wait a few weeks for anything.

SONY DSC So we know Metallics are in, and they come in all shapes, cuts and sizes.  You can get bags made of metal, metallic painted fabrics and metal detailing, but to me you can’t go past the Rumpelstiltskin-esque appeal of woven metallic thread.  Nothing says opulence like clothing that looks like it’s been finely spun and stitched from hunks of shiny, precious rocks. While exploring Highpoint, I found some Metallic pieces from Kookai and SABA that you’d love.

SONY DSC Sports Luxe is all about juxtaposition.  Normally the last thing you’re thinking about when you throw on your yoga gear is how to glam it up. To me this means that you can’t just throw on any bit of lycra, team it up with some jewellery and call it a trend.  If I’m going to dress down with a sporty edge, I’m going to do it in a way that at least preserves one of the unsung virtues of sporty style – jackets with pockets.  Mixing the practical parts of sports with some chic feature pieces means you can dress like a girl on the go and still have somewhere to put your phone or lippie. The best sports luxe pieces I scouted at Highpoint were from Witchery.

SONY DSC Melbournians will be right at home with the Dark Romance trend – with most people interpreting the gothic undertones as being a call back to Melbourne’s staple – black.  I don’t have anything against black, but my favourite black outfits are the ones that feature a surprising mix of textures and pops of gold. Once again, I found the best Dark Romance pieces at Highpoint at Witchery.

SONY DSC The all-black look is so last paragraph.  Burgundy Is The New Black.  But unlike black, you probably won’t find me top to toe in solid burgundy (although I have come close).  Instead I’ve teamed burgundy up with some unlikely suspects to create looks that are more punch and less decanter. If you love burgundy too, just head to Veronica Maine at Highpoint, they have an incredible selection!

DSC00745 Meeting Poppy at Highpoint was a highlight, she was also gracious enough to let me interview her despite her busy schedule. Here she reveals why she thinks Melbournians are so “effortlessly chic” (and that she loves Melbourne even more than Sydney!), how to wear Sports Luxe like a pro, Australians’ healthy body image and what her favourite shops at Highpoint are. I apologize for the sound quality as it was buzzing with an enthused crowd of shoppers but it’s only a testament to the great success of the new precinct! Tell me what you think!

It’s going to be exciting indeed to see what take Poppy and Highpoint have on these trends over the next four weeks.  Maybe I’ll bump into you there this weekend somewhere between the fashion parades and a very well worn credit card :)