Vintage everything (leather jacket last seen here)

Following on from my New Year’s Resolution, I’ve been reading this book called The 80/20 Individual, by Richard Koch. The book invites you to discover your best gifts, talents and skills and hone in on them. By focusing on 20% of your best assets, you could achieve much more than if you spent your time and effort on 80% of your second best.

Do you know what your best skill(s) is/are? Growing up, I was not great at anything. My parents lovingly called me the “3-legged cat”, a Chinese metaphor that describes someone who wasn’t particularly specialised in anything. On the weekend, I discussed the 80/20 ‘principle’ with some friends and they kindly pointed out my ‘special’ trait: the ability to connect with people and encourage them. Although we are still at a loss about how to monetize it, I refuse to waste time thinking up ways to make nappy money for Winston. Instead, I should focus on what I apparently do best: encouraging others.

And what better place to start than with my online community? Despite the web bringing people closer, we can still feel alone sometimes. Take this monochrome frock for example. It’s been in my possession for over a decade and yet I’m only discovering its true beauty now. We all need someone to recognise, reassure and cherish us.

For years, I’ve been asking myself what my blog can bring to the online table, and finally, I have the answer. Cecylia.com should not exist merely to showcase clothes, it should be a place of encouragement and affirmation. So hopefully, my future blog posts will do just that. It is my wish that you can find hope, joy and love on these pages. I would love to hear from you if you ever need someone to talk to, pray with, or be encouraged by. 100% of the time.