On the way back from Adelaide, I read an interesting article on Black Milk. Can you believe that in 2009, someone who was so broke that he had to eat mangos for breakfast, lunch and dinner, had randomly bought a sewing machine and started a humble hand-sewn operation from his kitchen would turn into a million-dollar business and attract the likes of celebs such as Britney and Jessi J?

So when I heard that Black Milk is supporting Women’s Health of Australia to give away limited edition tights to those who are willing to participate in a survey, I jumped at the opportunity to tell you all about it. When we think of ‘Womens’ Health” usually we associate it with the older generation, but actually Women’s Health of Australia is very interested in 18-23 year olds! The youths of our generation! They have designed a survey for you to take, leggings for you to design and you want to know the best part? The chance to win 1 of 2000 leggings that WHoA and Black Milk are giving away! That’s 2000 very lucky Gen-Ys!

I was so excited to see what the leggings may look like depending on which theme you pick. See all of our favourite hits from the 90s including “Tamagotchis”, “Boom Boxes” “Scrunchies”,”Floppy discs” and more [HERE]! Are all the lycra-clad and fluoro-tinged memories flooding back to you? These leggings are limited runs so no doubt they will become collectables. To win your very own pair, just complete the survey. I’d love to win leggings with the “Cartoon Mashup” theme :)

To fill in the survey and WIN a pair of these limited edition Black Milk leggings with Women’s Health of Australia, head over [HERE].

black milk clothing2

This post was brought to you by Women’s Health of Australia. All thoughts and opinions are my own.