It’s my dream to visit the US. My must-travel list includes traveling to New York for fashion week, visiting California and rubbing shoulders with the stars and even swinging by Texas to try and spot some well-heeled fashion bloggers or oversized steaks. So whenever I meet up with a friend who has just been to America, I literally strap them down (ok, maybe not literally – that would be strange) and get all the nitty gritties from their trip. Surprisingly, not all of them would rave about NYC as one would expect. Instead, they eyes lit up the most as they reminisced about their Vegas adventures. Naïve little me didn’t know that there would be anything else to do in there except to participate in shotgun weddings or waving goodbye to one’s precious savings, both of which are not all that appetizing to me. “But there are so many other things to do in Vegas! Like shopping, watching shows, visiting museums and galleries, fine dining…” they would tell me with a gleam in their eyes. Perhaps it’s because there are not many places in the world like the famed resort city.

Although I would never visit Las Vegas for its casinos, one cannot refute its over-the-top glamorous reputation and therefore, high allure.  A little while back I styled a photoshoot with my dear friend Karen. The theme was ‘Glitz and Glamour’ and I must admit I looked up ‘Vegas fashion’ for inspiration and I discovered this: seduction through sequins and shadows. Something I never dreamt would happen happened: Vegas became a reluctant muse for me.


Cathleen Jia Dress  / Olivia Marcheline Earrings & Necklace (worn as bracelet) /Stylist’s own mask /Model’s own tights / Keilana Skye Shoes from Gusto & Elan

Olivia Marcheline Necklace / Kathryn Beker Top from Gusto & Elan / Constance Roe clutch / Sequinned pants from FameAgenda  / Karen Millen shoes


El And Tino Cape / Mijanou swimsuit from Gusto & Elan / Karen Walker skirt from Fame Agenda / Mettle Pyramid Bag from Fame Agenda /Keilana Skye Shoes from Gusto & Elan

Olivia Marcheline Earrings & Bracelet (worn as hairpiece) / Hopeless Lingerie Harness Bra / Stylist’s own Sophia Kokosalaki skirt / Keilana Skye Shoes from Gusto & Elan


Photographer//KAREN WOO

First Assistant//LEVON BAIRD

Second Assistant//ARLENE CALMA


Hair & Makeup Stylist//SIMON BULL


Never would I have imagined that working with the gorgeous Van, an accomplished pianist, producer and globe-trotter (She spends more time swanning on boat cruises as an entertainer than on land) would inspire me to play the piano after a decade of abandonment. I have dusted the keys and started to wriggle my fingers once again. I miss being able to read music fluently and play anything that my memories fancied. It’s taken a decade to finally embrace my old favourite past-time, and I have my stunning model to thank for reigniting that old flame. Now I just need to find a venue to create a vlog post for you playing some Bach-contrapuntals. Any suggestions?