A busy lifestyle is like a double-edged sword. Always on the go but never eating healthily. With my varied commitments of vetting, blogging and eventing, usually I’m too lazy don’t have the time to cook. My diet is either splendiferous salads or deadly desserts. And when I do cook (I love hosting dinner parties!) it’s usually banquet size (but not banquet quality) because I am portion-blind.

But one day, my bad diet woes came to a halt when a vet colleague pulled a bowl of steamed vegies and fragrant fish out of the microwave. Wow! She cooked dinner with one finger. In 7 and a half minutes. “Birdseye!” She chirped. So when Birdseye asked me to ‘test-cook’ their healthy dinner packets, I couldn’t swoop on the offer quick enough. Anything for food. Especially food that won’t harden my macaroon-filled arteries. So now, to the relief of mother-dearest, I can finally and consistently eat a balanced meal since leaving home 5 years ago. And the best part? I still have room for cakes!


Mimco headband / Souvenir Silk Dressing Gown / Goldie Alexis Kirk Necklace

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Immediately after taking these photos, I devoured my mini-banquet: the Thai Coconut Curry fish fillet and my bowl of Carrot, Cauliflower and Broccoli steam vegies faster than it took you to say ‘Birdseye’. Delicious. Healthy. And easy! Now I have more time to read blogs!