‘Resplendent’ is the best word I can conjure up to describe one of my favourite London bloggers, Peony Lim. Stunning, stylish, striking, sensuous, smart, smashing…OK these s-words paint a pretty accurate picture for her too, I’ve been dying to find out more about this beautiful lady. So I chatted with her about her looks, her life and her loves…
1. You are one of the most stunning bloggers I’ve seen (Ok I sound like a stalker now…), tell us about your unique heritage, and about what you do…
That’s very sweet, although it must mean you only read my blog! There are so many more beautiful bloggers out there.  I’m half Chinese and half English and I work full time as a blogger, online store owner and creative consultant.
2. I read dozens and dozens of blogs actually, but yours is sublime. Your style is so elegant and effortless, who and what has influenced you to dress this way?
I think my style is very classic but with a modern edge. I like clean looks, nothing too messy, but I also love fashion with personality and humour. My mother is definitely the person who has influenced my style the most, she is the best dressed person I know. 
3. Describe a typical day for Peony Lim.
Wake up, get a cup of tea and sort out round one of emails. Get dressed and head out for any meetings, and then grab lunch with a friend. Head home, work on some posts and follow up the emails waiting for me.  Cook supper (for a food post) or shoot an outfit post as the light is best in the evenings in London.  And then to bed with bbc radio 4 or a book! 
4. Your typical day sounds perfect! How do you get ready in the morning, could you share a little about your beauty routines?
I brush my teeth and wash my face just with water, then I moisturise.  While this is soaking in I do my hair, often just a good brush. Then I put on make-up, on a normal day (not a shoot day) I will use tinted Moisturiser and concealer, then a light bronzer and blusher.  Brow pencil (I love a good brow) and mascara and finally a liquid eye liner.  I’m very into a Nars pen at the moment, but my old fav is the bobbi brown eye gel with a brush. If I’m wearing lipstick, then it is a three product rule, lip balm, (pad with tissue), lip pencil, (pad with tissue), lip stick (pad with tissue), more lipstick.  
5. Wow thanks for sharing these great beauty tricks! What are your favourite trends right now and why?
I’m not one for trends broadly, I find it results in buying clothes that you only really get one seasons wear from. My favourite places to shop are… Zara, Joseph, Balmain, Hermes, Alaia, and Prada.


Thank you so much Peony for taking the time to satisfy my curiosity. It was really difficult for me to select these 6 photos from Peony’s blog as all of her photos are amazing! (She has a great boyfriend :) Check out her blog if you haven’t already here. Wishing you the very best Peony and hoping to meet you in person one day! Happy Monday lovelies!
PS. Are you going to win these amazing Chanel earrings?