Recently Cup Mee contacted me after they learnt how much of a tea-addict I am to introduce their new fashion-orientated thermos to Cecylia.com readers. On my recent trip to Malaysia, I was musing with a cousin about how I get cranky if I don’t drink green tea every day.
A pot a day keeps dementia away, according to my grandmother, who at her ripened age, still has a clearer memory than those a quarter of her years. Blame her for getting me addicted to the medicinal beverage.
To tell you the truth, I actually carry green tea leaves around with me when I holiday, and so I’m always scared of the airport Beagles… And since winter is fast approaching, I’ve been wondering how I could bring tea to work, but I also don’t want to look like a FOB who carries around a silver flask… So when Cup Mee showed me the myriad of leather cases that served both as an insulator as well as a fashion coordinating accessory, I could not put the kettle on fast enough.

I’m always sceptical when I read ‘facts’. Like the hair-augmentation creams that claim to bring a balding scalp back to its glory days, a lot of products tell lies. It’s now a tradition whenever hubby and I see advertisements that are dodgy, we scream to each other ‘No scientific proof!’ So when Cup Mee told me that this thermos will keep my tea warm for 5 hours, at first I gave it the cold shoulder.
I’m not a thermos-virgin! I was brought up in the land of stainless steel flasks! And I know the brevity of their heat-keeping abilities. But hey, curiosity is my middle name. So I brewed some hot tea, ‘accidentally’ left my Cup Mee at home, went out for some quality family time, and returned 5 hours later to my safeguarded tea, at the perfect drinking temperature.

So if you see an asian chick around town with a pink Cup Mee and a big SLR, all dressed up, come say hi! And tell me, which cover would you be seen in public with?

Where: local football ground

Wear: Vintage earrings, coat, belt and shoes (similar pair here), floral blouse (similar styles here), Wrangler jeans (last seen here)