As you know, cakes and shoes are my vices. Both are pure indulgences but are also so bad… Lately though I’ve been trying to eat less cake and buy less shoes (wish me luck right now!) I’m sure all women have a love-hate relationship with high heels because they are so leg-friendly but not so kind to our feet. My feet get migraines after they are forced in a pair of 5-inches for an entire day. After a day of wearing my beloved YSL pumps, for example, I’m forced to befriend a tub of lukewarm water infused with Epsom salts.

I’d heard of Party Feet and other insoles but they are mere band-aids. For someone with a vet degree, I need more convincing evidence before I allow any ‘fillets’ near my feet. Thank God, somewhere out there, in a land far far away, a clever American podiatrist scientifically engineered a corrective, weight-shifting device for our feet. Meet Insolia brought to Australia by All Day Heels! I’d never seen anything like this!

Just as its name suggests, Insolia are transparent insoles (DUH!!!) placed inside the most vertiginous heels to help our feet cope with gravity and activity. If you’re like me, into physics and rocket science, the Insolia footage (no pun intended) is available here for your viewing pleasure. Basically they reposition our foot inside a high heel shifting weight off the ball of our foot onto the heel (where it naturally should be) so there’s less pressure on our feet, less pain and better posture. Kinda like wearing flat shoes!

This luscious green blouse (in mint condition! No pun intended here either) was my favourite find from Camberwell Market, see a similar one here. I finally went for the first time last Sunday. Can’t wait to show you the other spoils!

OK yes this is a Sponsored post but I’ve tested and tried these insoles and highly recommend them to anyone who wears heels, even to the kitten-heel-addict. After wearing Insolia all day, my feet rarely complained and they didn’t scream for massages or salt baths. Although the insoles had not effect on my cake-cravings…

Where: QV– Heading to dine with girlfriends

Wear: Vintage blouse (similar one here), BCBG Max Azria pants, vintage earrings, belt (similar one here), clutch, shoes with vintage shoe clips and Insolia inserts!