DSC07522 DSC07540DSC07542DSC07538  DSC07541DSC07520   DSC07531DSC07514Karen Millen Dress / H & M Sunglasses / Felder Felder bracelet, Vintage Earrings, Cuff & Bag / Chloe Heels

I know I may not have given ‘confinement’ a great rap, but to be honest, there’s no way I could have almost bounced back to my original form so quickly. People say that you don’t lose your pregnant belly for a few months after giving birth, but mine was gone within a week. Since I’ve not been been allowed to exercise (doctor’s orders, apparently all new moms have to wait 12 weeks before we can do rigorous exercise), I give all credit to my Mom and her confinement food. It sure is a huge contrast to my usual diet of cakes and chips. Also, you cannot go wrong with a LBD. Still the party-perfect frock, just add some statement heels and a fancy clutch, and you’re set for a stylish Christmas!