When I popped a photo of Jacki Anderson’s blue laptop bag on Instagram, you all fell head over heels in love with it. It’s no wonder, the perfect shape, minimalisitc lines, and rich Matisse blue ticks all the pre-requisite boxes of the dream work bag. I’ve never had an office job, hence have always dreamt of dressing up for work. It’s human nature, we covet what we don’t have. So this is what I’d wear if I had desk job: the jazzed up version. Office-attire doesn’t have to be boring! I hope the fairytale elements help to inspire your work outfit this week.


Don't let the gents have all the fun: Miss Bibi Tophat ring

Cufflinks are cute wrist accessories - these astronauts will help you fly high

Does your workplace allow pooches?

Bowties are not just for the boys!

Add an element of surprise: like a window brooch that opens!

Always respect your elders :)


Vintage Jaeger jacket (similar one here)/ Esprit shirt / Hubbby’s Cufflinks / Le Noeud Papillon bowtie /Miss Bibi Brooch & Rings / Jacki Anderson laptop bag / Jil Sander skirt / Chloe pumps

Don’t you just love borrowing style from the boys? Happy Monday lovelies. What do you wear to work?