I couldn’t believe my blessings one day when I discovered a vintage Prue Acton leather jacket at a Sunday market. I have been waiting for some caramel coloured hide to come my way, and it was everything I’d dreamt it to be. All for a song! For my international readers, Prue Acton is the doyenne of Australian fashion. Graduated from fashion school RMIT, in the 60s she had 80 fashion outlets across the country and was the first Aussie designer to show her collections in New York! Her pieces are highly collectable. And it’s no wonder, after nearly 4 decades, thanks to its impeccable tailoring and flawless hue, this jacket continues to charm.

Don’t you just adore this exotically printed silk maxidress by Violet & I? Yards of vibrant silk are embedded in it. The dress is seriously multi-functional, use it as paparazzi disguise, sleeping bag, hammock, an upside-down umbrella…it also comes handy when going camping! It’s not difficult to imagine one lounging by the pool in the Maldives or sweeping through the night markets in Phuket, but betcha didn’t think I would team it with some leathery goodness.

But how can you run around in a maxidress? My style mantra is that all outfits must be comfortable, and practical, if possible. For someone who has never set foot in a gym, my only form of exercise is laughing and occasionally dashing to the train. So in order for me not to trip over the hem of this divine dress and make a wall paper of myself, I grabbed some fabric from the middle of the dress (around the waist) and double knotted it. See? No stitching required! Now we’re set for the can-can.

Where: Dancing!

Wear: vintage Prue Acton jacket, Violet & I maxi dress, self-made necklace, vintage boots (similar pair here), Mawi ring

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