Stylish Dutch twins, Truus & Riet, hailing from Arnhem’s College of the Arts, have captivated fashion circles since their SS02 debut collection. It is they who taught me about the Dutch tradition of ‘triple cheek kissing’ as their standard form of greeting. The inseparable pair describe their style as embodying ‘an element of surprise’. Bold geometry (think big stripes, origami panels and their signature square necklines) paired with chic tailoring are key ingredients in their read-to-wear collections. Initially impossible for me to tell the twins apart, as both having long straight blonde locks and piercing blue eyes, but after asking about Riet’s amazing Prada shoes, I noticed that she has a narrower face… Spijkers en Spijkers launched their diffusion line SIS by Spijkers en Spijkers in 2011. Youthful, fun and trendy, the younger sister label SIS is fast garnering a fine following of her own. Sisters forever!



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