It is a pure coincidence that I share the same last name as this Australian style icon.  Jenny Kee, of Chinese and Anglo-Italian descent, with the waratah as her favourite flower, is instantly recognisable by her trademark red glasses and lippie. An internationally acclaimed artist and fashion designer, Kee’s vibrant, exotic and artistic style is inspired by “the beauty of the country”, Australia’s unique natural environment. Having started her fashion career in the 60s by modeling, she went on to selling retro clothing in London, bedding John Lennon, working with Vernon Lambert, and then returning to Australia to partner up with designer Linda Jackson, Kee is one of our nation’s most enduring fashion pioneers. Driven by their passion for the bush, dynamic duo founded their label Flamingo Park and set up shop in Sydney’s Strand Arcade in the 70s. In 2012, Jenny Kee collaborated with Romance Was Born designers Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales to present a collection at MBAFW which was an explosion of colours and a testament to her enduring allure. DSC09398

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